What is Surrender 2012?

Surrender 2012 is a time of corporate prayer and fasting with believers from across the country. It is a time for you to experience God in a new way, transition smoothly to your next season, and to rid yourself of every hindrance that keeps you from receiving God’s best.

Our time together will start January 2 and continue to February 10.

Here are a few simple steps to prepare:

  1. Purchase The 40-Day Surrender Fast (Celeste C. Owens, PhD):
    1. Official Surrender Fast Website
    2. Facebook (“Like” us and receive 20% off until December 21)
    3. Barnes and Noble and Amazon online
    4. First Baptist Church of Glenarden bookstore
    5. Ebook
  2. Complete the Pre-Fast Preparation chapters prior to January 2.

We will begin reading on January 2 with Day 1 – Expect the Unexpected.

And that’s just the beginning. God is going to show up in a powerful way. Others that have completed this fast have been tremendously blessed and God wants to do the same for you!

Even if you have never completed a fast you can do this one. To help you along I have implemented several resources:

  1. This Blog. Sign up to this blog to receive a new post of encouragement every Monday.
  2. Daily Prayer. Dial in Monday – Thursday for prayer from 7:00a.m. – 7:15a.m. You can submit your prayer request to this blog, by email, or on Facebook (inbox me if you want to send a private message). The number is 712-775-7200, access code: 438001.
  3. Weekly conference call. Fridays from 12:00p.m.  – 12:30p.m. Be encouraged through prayer and powerful testimonies of those who have completed or are completing the Surrender Fast. The number is 712-775-7200, access code: 438001.
  4. Facebook and Twitter updates. You are welcome to use these social media outlets to update us on your progress or encourage others through your testimony.

You won’t want to miss this experience! Your willingness to surrender it all to God will pay off in a major way.

Please invite others to participate. As you know, there is no better way to start your new year then through prayer and fasting. If you make this sacrifice, I can guarantee you that your life will never be the same!

Change is in the air,
Dr. Celeste

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31 thoughts on “What is Surrender 2012?

  1. Eirlys matson

    I am looking forward to this new way of living…I need it badly.

  2. I created a Gravatar so you could see who was writing and to get to know each other better. Although I love technology, it does hinder the “personal touch” of online communication, learning etc.

    Dr. Celeste, after reading the two areas you are surrendering – I felt as if you had me “pegged” as well. Although I never thought I struggled with “guilt”, after reading the official definition, I was “guilty of feeling guilty”! All weekend I kept nagging myself about not doing the normal cleaning etc. Who says we HAVE TO clean every weekend anyway?! Yes, it would make me feel better, but I still haven’t done it! I’ve been doing my Surrender 2012 homework! : )

    The two areas I am surrendering are as follows:

    1) Returning to my fast of anything that does not grow from the ground, drink only water, less coffee/tea, no alcohol, and eat no junk food (if I must, it will have to natural Cocoa). I am not only doing this for the fast but due to being allergic to Candida Albicans within my body (it’s how I’m suppose to eat regularly and haven’t for the past few months). I get shots every 5 days and continue to gain weight (never been this overwieght even when pregnant).

    I have not eaten red meat or chicken/poultry for over 2 years. I do eat eggs and cheese so I’m more of a Pescatarian vice a Vegetarian (only eat fish).

    If anyone is interested in another good source to learn more about Yeast and it’s connection to weight gain (especially in women since we have more candida albicans) – http://www.yeastconnection.com and the book Yeast Connection, Women and Weight by Dr. Crook.

    2) Envy – envy of what others have and what I don’t. Feeling less adequate … mainly in the area of work and relationships. After retiring from the military in 2004, the one thing I wanted was a healthy, trusting, and loving relationship with one-man. It hasn’t occurred and although everyone claims it will, I have had serious doubts. As a result, I make work my main source of happiness (which has failed miserably). I dislike feeling envious or not happy for friends or those I care about. It’s not right. I feel if I can surrender envy – it will be best for me and my walk in faith. Regardless of the outcome.

    • Thanks for adding the gavatar Dori.

      Love, love, love your comments. So insightful and your transparency will help us all to pinpoint our areas of weakness.

      When the Spirit made it clear about the guilt I was somewhat surprised because I had never considered my guilty feelings “guilt.” I just thought that I was appropriately beating myself up so that I would do better. But now I know the truth and it will make me free. Like you said, we can keep a weekend or two of cleaning! 🙂

      Interesting what you had to say about your allergy to Candida Albicans. I will visit the link you provided.

      I understand about the envy, there are times that I feel the same way. But then I remind myself that what God has for me is for me; and His purposes for me are great.

      • Thank you! I appreciate all your kind words of encouragement. Definitely check out the link regarding yeast. It’s amazing how such an allergy can wreck havoc on ones life. I had never been allergy tested until last year and it was for something totally unrelated. I am so thankful for my allergy specialist. I personally feel so many kids are put on ADHD meds when they may have an allergy or just need to stay away from certain foods. Yeast grows with sugar and sugar can be my weakness!

        I am so glad my friend passed on your the Surrender 2012 information. I have nearly completed all readings and never read so much from the Bible in one sitting! Amen!

  3. Nyemah Grayson

    WOW!!! That is all I can say. I would never have imagined that I would be experiencing such profound revelations on day 2 of this fast.

    During the pre-fast the Lord revealed to me that I need to work on my attitude and my reactions in times of frustration. I was specifically instructed to hold my toungue during these times. Well of course the flesh in me is going to take that and run with it, I was like ” You know what if someone makes me mad I am not going to say anything to them.” It’s funny when I think of it, putting so much of myself into works that GOD is trying to do for me. Well today as I was feeling so very frustrated about something I have no control over, I started thinking of ways to regain that control, you know, somethng I could do to make myself feel better about being so frustrated. I was saying to myself “Well GOD must want me to do this or say that.” I sat at my desk at work getting so angry going over and over it again in my head to the point that I got a headache. Once I realized how angry I was I said a prayer “GOD what do you want me to do?” Then silence…………. I heard nothing, I even started to get more frustrated and think of all the things I could do to make this right. HIS voice came to me very direct and calming, “Nothing”. I went again back to my thought again of not saying anything, and immediately it came to me that I can’t fix this, but HE can. It was like he said take your hands off the wheel sit back and relax. So…… I relaxed and even teared up a little at my desk. I finally got it, HE is not telling me to control my emotions, my reactions or my tongue, HE is telling me to let HIM control my emotions, my reactions and my tongue.

    I am truly feeling a work being done in me on day 2 of this fast.

    Thank you Celeste, GOD is truley working through you!

    • Nyemah, I have been waiting to hear these words all day: “I would never have imagined that I would be experiencing such profound revelations on day 2 of this fast.” Or something to that effect. Since the inception of this fast I have heard the most comments and praise reports about Day 2. I don’t know what it is about it.

      Your story is amazing; just let go and let God, no matter the struggle. I can’t wait to hear more!

    • Hello Nyemah! I understand exactly what you’re talking about and I too struggle with the same issue. When I read about Humility on Day 1, I learned that being meek doesn’t = weak and that I cannot stand up and fight every battle. This will take time to really grasp, but I’m going to try. With all that said, it’s good there are people like you and me (and the many others) who are willing to not just sit back and let “whatever” happen (especially if it’s an unethical, unfair, or discriminating action by another person). We just need to learn which times to stand and/or when to sit and let God deal with it.so. Today I controlled my anger and guilt (for not doing anything) when I witnessed someone open their car door and literally toss trash out. I almost turned my car around — as I have done in the past. Littering is a pet peeve of mine (there are others:).

      For whatever it’s worth … you’re not alone!

      • Dori is so right. There is a place for passion and speaking up, but you have to use wisdom and know when God is leading you to do so. Some people think that humility/meekness is symbolic to weakness but my business coach defines meekness as power under control. More importantly God said that the meek shall inherit the earth.

    • Wow, Nyemah you are walking down my street! I so needed to hear this. I couldn’t figure out how to put it into words but now God has given it to you to put here for me. I’ve be thinking do I say I am surrendering my tongue? My speech? He’s teaching me how to be quiet? None of those made sense to me. But your words “HE is telling me to let HIM control my emotions, my reactions and my tongue” make complete sense, Thank you so much Nyemah for sharing.

  4. Dori, now you have thoruoughly peaked my interest in the yeast allergy:

    “I personally feel so many kids are put on ADHD meds when they may have an allergy or just need to stay away from certain foods. Yeast grows with sugar and sugar can be my weakness!”

    My son is in first grade and more active than the teacher would like. I am going to have him tested for allergies. He has seasonal allergies but I never thought that he could have more. Thanks for the info!

    I am so glad that you are part of Surrender 2012. God has put us all together for a reason.

    • I am so happy to hear my info helped (or could). I cannot tell you how many parents say the teacher/doctors want to put their kid(s) on such meds without thoroughly checking for other catalysts for extreme behavior/activeness. Heck – it could just be their diet, fast foods, soda, candy, or environment (home or school (mold, dust, dust mites) and not getting enough exercise etc. Kids aren’t outdoors as much as when we were young. Too much TV, computer, and video games. Like I’ve always said – we’re a product of where we come from. Kids (and adults) like/need (may not like) structure and discipline (they always appreciate it later on as we did) but it has to start at home in order to occur at school (not implying anything – just speaking “in general” : ).

      The test done on me was a series of pricks on my back (it’s amazing what those concoctions can reveal). I learned other things but the major one was the albicans. It only took minutes to a 1/2 hour. It’s worth it.

      Best of luck with that. And yes, we have all come together for a profound purpose … to further be revealed in 38 days!

  5. Nyemah Grayson


    I am truley looking forward to the remaining 38 days. I really can’t even count all the times my emotions and words of anger have put me in bad situations in my life. I am truly looking forward to a Nyemah in control of her emotions. It’s funny because until this fast I didn’t even recognize how much I needed to work in that area.


    I am glad to hear that GOD is also working on you in this area. I am a very passionate person and I know how tough it can be getting your emotions wrapped up in what someone else is doing. This is going to bean amazing journey. Best wishes to you and GOD bless.

    • That is so good Nyemah. We will enjoy this stripping-away process together and be new in just 38 more days. God bless!

  6. Lynda

    Yesterday, was a great read since I can relate to being in the storm. I lost my job back in 2010 and I haven’t seem to be able to find my new job since then. I’ve temped, done volunteer work, consultant and still I haven’t been able to find a new job. So in my storm God keep blessing me with funds to pay for gas, lights, transportation, food and even a times to go with friends to a movie. So today the light bulb went off in my head I never cried out God to give me a new job. I just asked for help in my storm. Wow I had made all these other things bigger then such a single act of asking..

    So in saying all this I’m praying for a new job with longevity during this fast while giving up food, TV, and music. I’m also praying for diligence. I can’t wait to see what’s on the other side.

    • As you grow closer to Him you are learning that He is not only your provider but desires that you seek Him for what you need. The scripture say, “you have not because you ask not.” Also, what a blessing that He has kept all these many months; you haven’t gone without. I will be in prayer with you for the new job that God can provide.

    • Lynda – I will be keeping you and everyone else in my prayers as well. What kind of work do you do? Or would like to do? Degrees? If you’re not comfortable explaining all that in an open-forum – email me at dcottavia@yahoo.com … I have a lot of contacts. However, it will depend on skills etc.


  7. Well Dr. Celeste, Saturday marks the 1/2 way point for me – thank the Lord! Wednesday I went through something interesting! Giving up the evening meal was not difficult, initially. But as time went on, I began to feel less energized and just ready to eat! 🙂 As I was doing the dishes Wednesday night, I tasted a brussel sprout thinking that’ll be the end of that and I will not have eaten a meal! The next thing I know, I had a tablespoon full of spaghetti sauce to my lips! But before I could “rebuke myself,” I realized the sauce tasted tart and I immediately dropped the spoon! I repented, and just thanked the Lord for keeping me on track! I’m come this far, I have to go on! More importantly, the Lord wants me to go on! I’ll touch base with you again, next week! HAPPY, HAPPY WEEKEND! Shalom!

    • That’s right Angela, just keep going. The enemy isn’t happy with your surrender so he will send every temptation he can to get you off track. Shake it off and keep it moving! 🙂 Also, I can’t believe you are 1/2 way there already; the time has flown. We just ended 40 today and gearing up for the next cycle. Be blessed and have a great weekend!

      • I couldn’t help but laugh: later! 🙂 God definitely got my attention, pronto! And do you know what else? When I went back and had a bit of the spaghetti sauce the next day during one of my regularly scheduled eating times for the duration of the fast, it tasted normal! 🙂 God & I both knew that we were on to something when we — He is more like it!!! — decided that me letting go of the evening meal was what I would benefit from most! I enjoy good well prepared and as healthy as possible foodI 🙂 P.S. I like most are grieving the deaths of Whitney Houston & Jeff Zaslow over the weekend. It is definitely a reminder of how we all need to figure out our purpose/destiny and be busy utilizing the skills/strengths/talents/abilities that He so graciously entrusts us with for the benefit of ‘the kingdom!’ Enjoy the rest of your day! Luv ‘ya!

      • Angela, what a timely word. As it relates to the untimely deaths, you are so correct. In fact, during the next cycle of the Surrender Fast I will teach from my soon to be release book Destined to Succeed: the Seven Steps for Fulfilling Your Destiny. God has something He wants to say about how we are to use our gifts/talents to further His kingdom and fulfill our destinies. BTW, I am glad you were able to press pass the temptation. You can do it! 🙂

      • Your new book sounds fab! YES! Shalom!

      • Thanks Angela!

  8. P.S. 2 I think this went through! :-0 🙂 Later…

  9. Chartese Richardson


    The recorded message for the prayer line is just putting people on hold and not connecting us to the messages. Lol I just wanted you to know that I have been unable to listen to it. I will try again later. Thanks

    Peace & Blessings,


    • I am so sorry that you had a problem connecting. I just tried the line and it works. Please be sure that you are dialing the correct number. The live phone in call is different from the recorded call. The recorded call in number is 218.632.0559 (the last number is different). Access code 540500#. Hopefully it works for you the next time around! 🙂

  10. Dr. Celeste I completed the fast Friday: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! 🙂 What was started was finished! 🙂 And just so that you are aware, a couple of interesting things came forth last week! One being (although I had a long list of things that I wanted to see happen), that the purpose of the fast for me was and I quote verbatim: “And you shall be endued with power!” O-kay! :-0 Merciful Jesus! 🙂 [As we all know, along with power comes responsibility!] And the other was, I am to no longer eat red meat! No we knew that, didn’t we? 🙂 I’ve other things to share, as time goes on! It’s going to be a grrrrreat, grrrrreat year! Let’s ready ourselves for the ride, why don’t we? God bless you, more and more and more and more! Until the next time, Shalom!

    • And peace to you Angela. What a great and mighty work God has done in your life in a matter of 40 days! I am jumping up and down in my spirit because I know that the best is yet to come. Keep surrendering it all to Him. And also, no read meat?! What! Amazing. Your body is going to thank you for that change :). Be blessed my sister, I look forward to hearing more of your testimony as it unfolds.

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