Welcome to the New Wave of Surrender Fasters!

If this is Day 1 for you welcome to Surrender 2012!

This is by divine order; God wants you on this fast. In fact, every week of this year, a new group has started the Surrender Fast. I am so glad that you are also part of the number.

In addition to your reading there is a corresponding recorded prayer session focusing on the Jabez Prayer. Again, there is a recorded session for each week day. For example if you are on Day 1 you will call the conference line and listen to the recorder message for Day 1. At the prompt you will put in Ref #1. For subsequent days you will press Ref #2 for Day 2, Ref #3 for Day 3 so on and so forth.

The prayer sessions are 15 long and the weekly wrap up is 30 minutes.

Also remember to read the weekly blog post.

Be bless and may God bless you richly during your time of surrender!

Dr. Celeste

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Wave of Surrender Fasters!

  1. Thanks Dr. Celeste.

    • Yes, there has been a new group starting every week. Let’s pray the cycle continues as God’s children draw closer to Him through the process of surrender.

  2. Well, that is good to know Dr. Celeste because I am actually in the third wave. 🙂 Although I had the material I did not hear what I was to surrender clearly until the Sunday the 15th. Once I got my three examples from God it became pretty clear what it was to be. There are several issues but I wanted to be sure from God. So, I did not actually get started until Monday, Jan 16. I know I will have to do the 40 Day Surrender Fast again this year. Purhaps, like you several times. So be it!

    • Lillie I am so happy that you waited to hear clearly from God. Now you know just what He wants you to give up. I will mention that you and others have started this week on our Weekly Wrap-up call today. Also, if you aren’t already, call in to hear the recorded prayer calls. I believe they will richly enhance your reading of the book.

      Yes, surrender isn’t a one time event but a lifestyle. Welcome to the club! 🙂

  3. Kim Warren

    Hi Dr. Celeste Owens:
    Is there a certain time we have to call in daily? I’m on day 1 of the Surrender Fast with the Tamar Ministry at FBCG.

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