Week 6: No More Props

Welcome to Day 36! We are in the last week of our 40 day surrender. It seems—at least to me—that the time has flown. And I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this experience with you.

Today’s devotional is No More Props. The scripture reference comes from Isaiah 3:1, “For behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, is taking away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff [every kind of prop], the whole stay of bread and the whole stay of water” (Amplified Bible).

Thankfully, there comes a time in every surrendered person’s life that God removes every prop that has given he/she a sense of stability and comfort. It happened to me a few years back; certainly not a good feeling, but necessary.

Perhaps you are currently going through this prop-removing process. If so, you are probably experiencing some discomfort as God stretches and forces you to learn who He is for yourself. Don’t be alarmed and don’t try to remove yourself from the process; this is the Lord’s doing and it needs to happen so that you can be a success in Him.

Therefore, as you surrender and allow Him to remove the props, He will show you the next steps and bring you to higher heights and deeper depths in Him. He has a great plan for you and I pray that you continue to surrender your life so that you experience all that He has for you!

On another note…many individuals, clubs and churches have committed to doing The 40-Day Surrender Fast for the Lenten Season. If you know of any one that would be interested in participating in the Surrender Fast please let them know that this structured time of fasting will occur from February 22 – April 7. The Surrender Fast team plans to provide the same level of support we did for the first-of-the-year fasters: weekly Morning Prayer conference calls, the Friday weekly wrap-up, Facebook support, and blog.

Again, please pass the word to your family and friends about what is to come. Likewise you are more than welcome to participate even if you are not fasting for Lent (I will teach a new series for the morning prayer).

Lastly, I will be making an announcement this week on a new activity we will offer those who wish to continue their surrender experience. I am so excited about this next step and I can’t wait to share with you what we have in store.

I would love to hear from you. If you have a testimony of how God has blessed you on this fast please email me at testimony@surrenderfast.com. Or simple respond below.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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5 thoughts on “Week 6: No More Props

  1. First Lady Chisholm

    This is what you call, “totally on God’s payroll”.

  2. Joybriscoe@ymail.com

    Dr. Celeste, I’m a week behind but right on Gods timing. No more props is truly a blessing to me! my husband some time ago said to me, I needed to get back out there speaking, (due to health problems i had been still for some time.) However, he supported me and we tagged team at a church did a couples retreat, but this upcoming engagement is me, solo, over the weeks I was considering canceling, the thought of not being ready yet, the thought of me by myself, . After all he has been the one I have relied on, when I couldn’t wash myself he bathed me, when my weak side got even weaker He knew just how to walk with me to support the weak side. Don’t worry, I’m not saying whahoo, God is removing my husband, no more wifely duties, 🙂 but He is removing him as my security blanket/prop and moving me into focusing on total reliance in Him. All I can do is “surrender” and say “God, have your way”
    I love you!

    • Wow, Joy. What an amazing journey you are on. You are transforming right before our eyes! I pray that you do great at your “solo” speaking engagement. I know that God will give you the courage and give you just what to say. Love you too!

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