Lent 2012: Lord Ignite My Passion

People who are serious about God and fulfilling their God-given calling have passion. So let me ask you, when people describe you do they use the word “passion”? If not, in the next 40 days allow God to ignite in you a passion for Him so deep that others will be remarkably drawn to you (or in some cases repelled depending on their desire to know God).

After (7) 40-day Surrender Fast you may think I have had enough, but to the contrary. The closer I draw to God the more aware of my flaws, my unworthiness to be used by Him, and by what a nothing I truly am without Him.  And it is from this posture that my passion for God and the things of Him has grown.

The passion is so great that I am willing to eliminate any and every thing that I feel keeps me from pursuing Him with all my might. To some people I seem eccentric and several have said to me, “It doesn’t take all of that.” But I know where God is taking me and it takes all of that and MORE.

What are you willing to sacrifice for a closer walk with God? What are you willing to leave behind to fulfill the call He has on your life. The surrendered believer knows that his/her life is not her own but to Christ he/she belongs.

On that note, in the next 7 days we are embarking on a new cycle of fasting! I am excited about what God will do. His word says, “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.” I don’t know about you but I am simply looking forward to experiencing His presence in a new way.

Now a few instructions:

  1. Complete the Pre-Fast Preparation chapters.
  2. Day 1 begins on February 27, 2012.
  3. Please press the word “Follow” on the right of the screen to have this blog posted in your Inbox every week.
  4. If you are NOT receiving emails from me please Sign Up for Surrender 2012 on the website.
  5. The Morning Prayer resumes Feb 27, 7:00-7:15a.m. (EST).
  6. Please pass the word. Tweet, FB, and Email your family and friends. Pray and ask God who you should bless with a copy of this powerful book. Copies of The 40-Day Surrender Fast can be purchased on the website.
  7. LIKE the Surrender Fast on Facebook.

Most importantly remember that you are the favored of God, you are blessed and that you are his beloved son/daughter in whom He is well pleased. If that doesn’t ignite your passion, I don’t know what will!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. Your comments are welcome. What are you seeking? What do you need God to do for you? In what areas do you need your passion ignited (e.g, family. love walk, ministry, etc)? Please share your thoughts below.

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8 thoughts on “Lent 2012: Lord Ignite My Passion

  1. Joybriscoe@ymail.com

    Dr. Celeste
    You haven’t challenged us with nothing but THE TRUTH! You definitely have partnered with the Holy Spirit in speaking to us. God truly has been gently showing me, me and boy there are behaviors that are definitely being SURRENDERED.

    I love you!

  2. Trice Alexander

    Dr. Celeste

    I am glad to see God using you in a mighty way for His people. To speak truth of his word. As his word says my people perish for a lack of knowledge. I am looking forward again to another 40 day surrender fast. You are the mouthpiece that we have and will be speaking more and more louder and clearly in this season.

    • Thanks Trice! And what a season this will be. God has already started “downloading” His instructinos to us for this next 40 days. He is so good, He wants us to succeed, and we will if we follow His instructions. I am so thankful to be on this journey with you all!

  3. Pam

    Wow! I am experiencing mixed emotions concerning my third 40-Day Surrender Fast as deeper strongholds are being revealed. The Lord truly does love me, a work forever in progress. He is not finished remaking and remolding me into His image. I must surrender the character that I created myself to be, the image I wanted to project, my will. It is time to let her go. So many changes, so fast. I am frightened by the changes God is about to make in me because I don’t know any other way to live except to be a high achieving perfectionist. But I trust you Lord. I trust that You, Lord, love me and are gracious towards me and that You will mold me lovingly. I am laying on the surgical table undergoing deeper reconstruction. I surrender my pride, selfishness, perfectionism, people pleasing ways for the approval of man which steals glory from God. Take it away and make me humble. I exchange my will for Your will and give all glory to You.

    • Amen, to God be the glory! From one recovering perfectionist to another the other side is so much brighter! 🙂 I praise God for what He is doing in and through you. I can’t wait to see the big reveal on April 6.

  4. Tiffany

    Dr. Celeste,

    God is doing amazing things in my life! He has re-ignited my passion towards business again. I didn’t think I would get it back after I closed my doors in 2008 because of the stock market crash. But God….! He continues to remind me that my future days are going to be greater than my later.

    My prayer partner told me yesterday that if Jesus went to calvery that we too will have our calvery’s. But thank God he didn’t go to stay. He rose with all power in his hands and he is manifesting that power in every area of my life.

    During this fast some amazing things have happened and it’s only been two weeks for me (I started a week earlier). The morning prayers are confirmations of God’s move.

    Thank you so much for your obedience in following God’s instructions. I can’t wait to share all my testimonies.

    • And I can’t wait to hear more! I am so happy that you have found your passion again. As you have stated, your latter will be greater than you past. Be blessed and keep surrendering it all to Him.

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