Week 1 – Question of the Week

The Theme for Cycle 2 of The 40-Day Surrender Fast is: The Exodus – Getting from Here to There. As we have learned “here” is our will and “there” is God’s will. So in others words for the next 36 days, God is instructing us on how to get from our will to His.

In that vain, God has opened the week with a discussion of His will to protect us. As He told the children of Israel, “when I see the blood I will pass over you” (Exodus 12).  Therefore, we have been instructed to anoint ourselves with oil, as well as those things around us, as a symbol of the protection we receive from the blood as a result of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

So the Question of the Week (QOW) is:

  1. This week, in what way(s) has God demonstrated His protection towards you, a family member, or friend?
  2. Similarly, do you have a specific instance of applying the oil and seeing God demonstrate His protection either in your home, school, work, etc.?

Don’t forget to join us for the Weekly Wrap-Up Call 12noon (EST)! You can send your testimony to testimony@surrenderfast.com. If you would like to join us on the show please indicate that in the email.

Be blessed Surrender Fasters!
Dr. Celeste

P.S. On Fridays there is no morning prayer call at 7am.

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5 thoughts on “Week 1 – Question of the Week

  1. Aundrea

    I have been praying for peace in my home as well as God showing me/telling me what he would like for me to give up during this fast. I pray daily for a closer relationship with him. I have been applying the anointed oil to my hands and head daily and praying that God covers me and my family. I truly felt him moving in me on Sunday and the experience was so surreal. I continue to play the experience over and over in my head and know that he lives within me. I continually ask God to make me more like him, I am surrendering myself, until God tells me otherwise for the remainder of this Surrender Fast I will anoint myself daily and pray for the strength, courage and boldness to move from my will to His Will.

    • Isn’t it amazing to have a close encounter with him? You just want to run out and tell everyone :). Keep surrendering yourself, God is with you and your family. Be blessed!

      • Rosalyn Davis

        Yes, I agree Dr. Celeste, there is nothing like a close encounter with God and as I am emptied, He is filling those vacated places with his will.

  2. Rosalyn Davis

    Last Week, I applied the oil to every area that I was instructed to apply it to including my pets. Having been in a serious car accident about a year ago, when Dr. Celeste said to apply the oil to my car, I thought good idea. Well, I have a friend who God protected this week; although he was hospitalized God protected him by having a very serious medical condition revealed. He is now being successfully treated for the condition. My sister who rarely asks to drive my car, requested to drive my car, and I said to myself, Lord you knew that your covering would be need not only for me but for whoever would drive my car.

    • That is so true, the covering extends from us to others that we are in contact with. Praise God for your obedience!

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