Week 2 – Question of the Week

This week we have been discussing God’s unconditional love. Not only does He love us unconditional but He requires that we also love ourselves unconditionally.

I shared on the Morning Prayer Call how I had been loving myself conditionally believing in error that flawless skin would  would make be better, and more acceptable.  Thankfully by exposing that error in my thinking with you this week, I was delivered. I even said a prayer to God asking Him to forgive me for not being grateful for me, just the way He made me.

The word says in Reveleations 12:11, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” After my confession I felt free and that a burden had been lifted. Now my heart truly knows that I am acceptable to God just the way I am. And that truth has allowed me to accept myself. Amazing, right?!

So the question of the week is:

“What ‘flaw’ or ‘flaws’ are you willing to accept now that you know (in your heart) that God loves you unconditionally?”

BTW. Remember I told you about the “unconditional love chili?” Well I asked Chef Jewel to email me what she said to me that day I purchased the chili, “The soup was infused with unconditional love. Unconditional love for yourself knowing that exactly as you are and exactly as you are not, — your strengths as well as your “flaws”– that you are enough, that you are perfect, that by fully accepting & embracing yourself as you are, you transform the world by giving others permission to be themselves fully expressed.”


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6 thoughts on “Week 2 – Question of the Week

  1. Annie

    Thank you Dr Celeste for your honesty and humility. You are quite an example for the rest of us.
    I, too, have been up and down about certain flaws that I was not happy with. It truly is a “VAIN” thing.
    I am sure a lot of us women go through the same thing when we look at other women who portray that they have it all together. I have been a little insecure because I have little legs, age spots on my face and I have had to have dental work done which I don’t like to smile alot because my teeth do not portray “the perfect smile.” I am starting to feel more secure about these things, a little at a time because I know that these are not “major” things and I am thankful in my heart for the way God created me. I just know that my flesh will line up with my heart by the time the fast is over or before then. Years ago, the Lord told me to stop comparing myself to others. Sometimes the flesh takes a while to “get it”. I know that if I keep my focus on HIM, I will be alright. We serve an Almighty God and all things are possible to them that believe.

    • You said it exactly right Annie. God changes the heart but it takes the flesh time to catch up with the heart. And the best way to bridge that gap is to keep our minds on Him. Thanks for sharing and being so honest. I will keep you in my prayers. I believe that your complete transformation is not many days hence. Be blessed!

  2. Joybriscoe@ymail.com

    Dr. Owens, thank you, thank, you, thank you! This question serves as a reminder. I am a perfectionist and when I mess up Satan has a way of making me feel after I’ve messed up that I will miss out on some of Gods love, man he’s tricky. This also has helped me realize how I have rejected myself because of the appearance I have from the tumor on my face and how I have even rejected myself from the potential appearance the surgery may leave to remove the tumor. Oh Dr. Celeste, I am pursuing basking in Gods love!

    • Amen Joy! You know what’s weird when I say you on Monday, I didn’t notice the tumor. I am assuming it is still there but I didn’t see it. I just see you and your beauty (that comes from the inside) outshines any physical “flaw.” You know what’s funny Weds. when I disclosed my discontent with my skin my friend Candyce who I have know at least 6 years text me, “You have acne? I’ve never noticed anything but your beautiful smile.” Man, I tell you. What a waste of time to worry about the outer. I am so done with that. That God that we are surrendering our will for His!

  3. Karen Ward

    I am accepting the older me. I haven’t been pleased with with I see in the mirror. It has never bothered me that I have a scar due to my surgeries. I have always thought of it as a battle scar. However, now that I am getting older, I realize that I really look old. It has a lot to do with my scar and the folds in my neck. I am going to embrace that part of me unconditionally. I am grateful that I am still alive. God makes not mistakes. I will practice speaking life to myself about my appearance. Thanks Dr. Celeste for your teachings on embracing yourself. PS – I always think to myself when I see you, that you are beautiful inside and out.

    • I want to let the group know that Karen is the friend that I mention on the prayer call…the one I was I was riding with and admiring her skin. So for her to have an issue about her appearance is ironic! I tell you the enemy is tricky, if he can get us to be discontent with the small “insignificant” things he can keep us from moving forward.

      Karen, I thank God that you are now embracing all of you. And thanks for the compliment.

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