Welcome New Wave of Surrender Fasters!

I would like to personally welcome you to Surrender 2012!

This is by divine order and God wants you on this fast. In fact, every week of this year, a new group of individuals has started the Surrender Fast, so I am glad that you are in the number.

In addition to your daily reading there are corresponding Recorded Prayer Calls. There is a recorded session for each week day. For example if you are on Day 1, you will call the conference line and listen to the recorded message for Day 1. The Ref # for that day is 1. For subsequent days you will press Ref #2 for Day 2, Ref #3 for Day 3 so on and so forth.

The Prayer Sessions are 15 minutes and the Weekly Wrap-up is 30 minutes.

Also remember to read the weekly blog post.

Be bless and may God bless you richly during your time of surrender!
Dr. Celeste 
Author and Speaker

For general questions please email Stephanie Davis at admin@drcelesteowens.com

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2 thoughts on “Welcome New Wave of Surrender Fasters!

  1. Cheretta

    There’s no place on here to get the number to the actual call. Can it be put on the reminder messages for easy access.

    • Thanks for the comment. We have taken care of that problem. Hopefully you can listen to the recorded call. Have a great weekend!

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