Lent Week 4 – When You Rest, He Works

Welcome to Day 22! God is reminding us in today’s devotional to Dust Off Your Dreams.

I don’t know about you but I have some dreams that have yet to be fulfilled. In fact, some appear to have died, but I am not giving up (and nor should you). On Friday’s Weekly Wrap Up Pastor Chisholm reminded us that God allows some dreams to die before He resurrects them (e.g., the story of Lazurus). Stephanie so eloquently reminded us today on the Morning Prayer that dry bones can live (see Ezekial 37) . Therefore, boldly speak life into your seemingly dead situations.

Also, we are continuing with our theme: The Exodus – Moving from Here to There. In others words moving from our will to His. During our time of fasting God has revealed 4 powerful principles to get us moving from here to there. His will is that we:

  • Believe we are Protected (Week 1)
  • Embrace His love (Week 2)
  • Dream BIG! (Week 3)

And for Week 4 we are being instructed to Rest. Amen, what a powerful and timely word from our King. You know the saying “too blessed to be stressed?” Well that needs to be your motto this week and for the rest of your life. And this can be a reality if you simply rest in Him.

Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). Likewise, God is commanding us to rest in Him and to stop our self-efforts as they only lead to worry and frustration.

God doesn’t need for you to fix your marriage, He’s already done that. He doesn’t need for you to worry about your bills, they are already paid. He doesn’t need for you to stress about your health, you are healed. He just needs for you to rest in Him and do only what He is instructing you to do. Remember when you rest, He works.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. We are half way to the goal. Let us know how you are doing below!

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7 thoughts on “Lent Week 4 – When You Rest, He Works

  1. Stephanie White

    Good Morning Dr. Celeste,

    Thank you for this message above. It is a blessing to know that God wants us to Rest in Him. Don’t worry about how the dream God has given you will be fulfilled just know that God is working on it!!! One thing that I have really learned during this Surrender Fast is how to Hear God More and move when God says move. I have learned how to really be obedient to God and what He tells me to do. I notice when I move when God says move, God is always right on target!!! I am excited about what God has done in my life and what He is still going to do! I will Rest in Him, Knowing that He has it all worked out!!

    • Thanks Stephanie. Your words are encouraging me right now! 🙂 Like you said, “rest in Him, knowing that He has it all worked out!” Amen, thanks for sharing.

  2. simone

    Good Evening fellow fasters and Dr. Celeste,
    This my first time blogging so it may be long. This is my second cycle. When I finished the first cycle at the beginning of the year God told me that He didn’t say I could end so I have been going ever since. God has me fasting from T.V. so I can lean more about him from His word not just from His messengers. He moved me from surrending to trust Him to surrending so I can learn and expect His power in my life. Rest is definately where He has positioned me. I can’t worry anymore because it causes too much wasted energy so I have surrendered my dead dreams into His hands. He told me to post last week I believe it was about my big dreams and I didn’t do it. Part of it was fear that I was putting myself out there and what if it didn’t happen. Since god doesn’t give up He has been telling me to post so after the third time here I am. My big dreams are

  3. simone

    My big dreams are to buy a house by August without any money for closing costs. Second is a dry bone dream that I have been fasting, praying and trusting God for which is the restoration of my husband back to God then back to my marrage. Another dream is to finish my internship hours by the end of June and to have my girls move down to Maryland with me. Of course restoration of all broken relationships is on my list.

    Thanks for helping me to be bold like Joshua and put my list out there to give God the glory for what He already has worked out even when I can’t see how it will.

    • Thank you for posting your bold declarations. I am praying with you for good success in all of these areas. As you know, nothing is impossible with God just keep doing as He instructs. I can’t wait to hear the praise reports Simone!

  4. I would like to say that sometime we have this dream for our life, and because it doesn’t happen in a month or even a year, we stop dreaming. We may “decree and delcare it”, “name it and claim it”, have so much zeal and excitement, but because it doesn’t happen in OUR timing (not God’s), we forget about it or just believe it won’t happen. As long as we BELIEVE that it’s going to happen, God is working in our favor, but once we stop dreaming…… God stops working…….waits for us to get back on track…….. and then he starts working once again on our behalf. Also, sometime you have to keep your dreams to yourself, cause everbody doesn’t have the faith that you have and they may discouarge you, cause God can put some things in our spirit that just won’t make no sense to nobody, but He is ABLE, and He WILL do it. Can I get an Amen!!!!!

    • Amen!!! 🙂 Your statements are so on point. The last portion of your comment makes me laugh. I have learned to be selective about who I share some dreams with. Sometimes they sound crazy to me!

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