Lent Week 5 – Question of the Week

This week we were reminded that God is “The God of the Impossible.” I know this to be absolutely true. Right before the start of Cycle 1 I sensed God urging me to pray for a new home. Well He did the impossible. In one week’s time we found and purchased our new dream home! I’ll tell you more on the Weekly Wrap Up Call this Friday.

Question: What impossible thing has God done for you during the course of this fast or what impossible thing are you expecting Him to do?

Thank you in advance for encouraging us with your testimony.

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7 thoughts on “Lent Week 5 – Question of the Week

  1. Stephanie White

    Good Morning Dr. Owen and the SurrenderFast Family,

    *The Impossible thing that God has done for me during the course of this fast is Helped to grow me into a better person and better Christian. God has also brought the dream to life that He gave me 2 Years ago as of Day 30 of the SurrenderFast!!!

    *The Impossible thing that I am expecting God to do before this FAST is over is Provide me with a New Job, for I lost my job on Day 29 of the SurrenderFast. I am expecting God to provide me with another full-time job. I want this job to be a job where I can use both my Speaking Gift and my Coordination Gift!!! I have FAITH that this will Happen!! Amen

  2. Joybriscoe@ymail.com

    Dr. Celeste,
    As you remember from cycle 1, I was convicted that MS lives in my home/body and just like when you live with someone you conform to their houses rules, ms must abide by my rules. These last few weeks I have been living the manifestation of Gods healing. Normally after any activity, I’m not that mobile for days at a time NOT SO NOW, I’ve been to Drs heard distressing news, (which normally after event like that my mobility would be extremely low for days however, I turned around and had lunch with you 🙂 and I just returned from LA. I haven’t flown in years. Wow! To God be the Gory for ALL He has done and continues to do!

    • What a praise report Joy! I praise God for what He is doing in you and how He is empowering you to take your eyes off the circumstances and see the “invisible” things (as Latricia prayed today on the prayer line). I look forward to the day that MS is completely evicted!

  3. Donna Watson

    I am believing God for debt freedom, and my mortgage paid in full. In addition God has inspired me to write a book about my life trials & triumps. He said my book will bring light to darkness and hope to the hopeless. I am trusting God to bring this to pass.

    • Amen Donna, keep believing. God’s promises are sure. I can’t wait to hear the praise report of how God brings you out of debt and empowers you to write your life-changing book! Be blessed.

  4. Stephanie White

    Thank you Dr. Owens!! I will Keep you posted!!

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