Lent Week 6 – The Undivided Heart

Welcome to Week 6. As you may know I am on a missions trip this week in Washington, DC (Southeast) with the First Baptist Church of Glenarden Missions Team. Here’s a brief word to encourage you as we complete this our last week.

We’re continuing in our theme: The Exodus – Moving from Here to There. In other words moving from our will to God’s will. Each week God has shared with us His will for our lives. This week He is saying that it is His will that we have an undivided heart.

Isn’t that what this surrender is all about? Many of you have discovered that surrendering is less of an event and more of a lifestyle. Therefore even as we near the close of these 40 days of surrender we are actually at the start of a whole new way of doing life. And if you are to maintain this lifestyle you must maintain a heart that is totally devotion to Him.

In Exodus 20:3 God told the Israelites “You shall have no other gods before me.” For the children of Israel He was mostly referring to their golden images, but today our gods or idols look different. We are more inclined to give homage to the television, social media, material possessions, food, careers, and interpersonal relationships. Eventually these idols become our god and the living God is shutout.

But now we know better. After 40 (in some cases 80) days of giving God our undivided attention we dare not go back to our useless idols. From now on God is to be our all and all; no longer will we put Him second or divide our heart to accommodate our idols. As Day 36 instructed, “No More Props!”

Lastly, I instructed you on the Morning Prayer Call to recall any present idols. Then make a list, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to eliminate these useless substitutes which only bring temporary pleasure. Now that you have experienced God in a new way, vow in your heart to make Him first in your life for rest of your life. Declare that you will give Him your whole heart today and forevermore. If you do this, you will live your best life!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. We are excited for what is to come for you. Please keep us posted as God does the miraculous in your life!

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8 thoughts on “Lent Week 6 – The Undivided Heart

  1. Donna Watson

    I have really enjoyed this Surrender Fast…I am not looking forward to it ending, but I am looking forward to living my new best life! Thank you for your obedience to God in sharing this journey with us. It has truly been an enlightening experience….Thank You!

  2. Tracy S.

    To Dr. Celeste and the entire Surrender Fast Prayer Team… Thank you!!!!

    I thank you for your obedience to instruct, empower, encourage, and enlighten through God’s direction and Holy Word. The Surrender Fast has been a growth experience. I have a new outlook on my life, and I have a better sense of God’s Grace & Mercy, as I am a work in progress. I gave up idol time in the evenings, which allowed me to be more productive and spend more time with God. I no longer have a desire to turn on the crazy reality shows on TV in the evenings; and I have no plans to turn back!… Know that I will miss the 7am calls, but I am leaving with the tools I need to “Let Go of the Props”.

    Peace & Blessings to you and the entire Surrender Fast Family!

    • Tracy, praise God for all that He has done in you and for you during your time of surrender. I praise Him that you have learned to use your time productively and not fill your evenings with reality television that doesn’t edify your spirit. Be blessed and keep seeking Him with all your heart.

  3. Stephanie White

    Good Afternoon Dr. Owens and the SurrenderFast Family!!!

    I have truly enjoyed the last 40 days!! When I first began this Fast, I was a little nervous and I was not sure if I could commit to this, but with God I took this step!!!! I was sad at the beginning of the week, because I knew that the SurenderFast was ending and I have enjoyed the support that I have received from this SurrenderFast. But on Monday Dr. Owens talked about No More Props!!! This was confirmation for me to let go and move forward!! I pray for a Undivided Heart!! I don’t want no other God or idol before my God!!! Amen and God Bless you Dr. Owens and the SurrenderFast Family for all that God is doing through you!!!

    • Me too Stephanie, I pray for an undivided heart. Thank you for being part of the experience; it has been quite a journey. Take care and expect the great!

  4. Rosalyn Davis

    Thank you Dr. Celeste and the surrender fast team for teaching us the principles of unselfish giving and for exemplifying what an undivided heart is; one that is totally focused on doing what thus says the Lord; thereby, allowing Him to release through you and the team some wonderful Christian principles for us to live by. Each day as Dr. Celeste poured out what releasing our will looked like by embracing the principles of the will of God such as to know his love for us; His will that we dream big and that we rest in Him among others was truly amazing to me. Dr. Owens, you made it so simple and plain to us.

    This truly has been a life changing experience that I too must say has saddened me to see come to an end. But, I am reminded that as one phase ends, there is the start of a new beginning and I am looking forward to continuing to walk in a disciplined and Christ focused life style.

    Today, Day 40 of our surrender fast after I listened to the morning wrap-up, I looked for the reflection questions and to my surprise and elation at the same time there were none. And I thought as it should be because as Dr. Owens shared with us on the prayer line today now is the time thank God for what he has done. Thank you Pastor Chisholm for reminding us that we are to resist going back to the former things and that we are to continue moving forward.

    Some of us started on this journey, a little unsure of if we could stay the course but with God’s guidance and support through the surrender fast team He did it in us. To God be the glory!

    • Yes Rosalyn, to God be the glory. We made it! Now we are ready for our new beginning, heart surrendered to our God. I pray that God uses you mightily in your new season. Be blessed!

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