The Health Moment: The Amazing Almond (1 of 4)

“You must serve only the Lord your God. If you do, I will bless you with food and water; and I will protect you from illness” Exodus 23:25 (NLT).
It’s that time again…another health segment (Yay!). Today we will begin a five week series on the benefits of nuts. Although small in size they pack a mighty punch when it comes to health and it’s benefits.
Many of us have been told that nuts are fattening, but did you know it’s a good kind of fat that the body can digest quite easily? All you need to eat is a handful of nuts, a few times a week to see the difference that it can make in your body.
Take the almond for instance. They contain high amounts of Vitamin E, which most of us lack in our daily diet. Eating 22 almonds at 160 calories will result in glowing skin, as well as repair damage from the sun. This is just one of several benefits of the almond.
The almond is also beneficial for the brain, heart, regulating cholesterol, blood pressure, prevention of cancer, diabetes, pregnancy, weight loss, constipation, and the boosting of energy.
Please Note: The website warned that people having kidney or gallbladder problems should avoid the consumption of almonds, due to the calcium oxalates that it contains.
Remember, taking the right measures to getting healthy will result in long life, and the fulfilling of Gods’ plan and destiny in your life.
Stephanie Davis
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