Amazing Testimony from Cycle 2 Participant

This is a testimony from Sandreea Woods, a Cycle 2 surrender faster.
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Our God is Awesome! And there is nothing like Obedience and the Power of the Prayer of Faith. I was a participant in the 40-Day Surrender Fast that started February 27, 2012 and ended April 6, 2012. I actually joined the daily prayer line towards the end of Cycle 1 and decided to go full out for Cycle 2. When I joined I was unemployed and had been searching for a permanent full-time job for well over a year and a half (actually had been in a temporary position since 2007 and had been going through a cold, dry, wilderness winter – unexpected loss of my father, surgeries, totaled car while unemployed and no insurance coverage for damages…and the list goes on). But praise be to God, My Solid Rock. I kept trusting and seeking Him and being faithful to His word (tithing, giving, sowing, serving, submitting, loving)… And He kept providing for me and giving me Hope, Joy, and Peace…in the midst of my trials and tribulations,… but the unemployment remained. Fast forward to this year, 40-Day Surrender Fast, Cycle 2.
God led me to fast from Negativity and Fear…people, thoughts, words, actions…everything negative and everything dealing with fear. I accepted the challenge and saw God start to do a New Thing in me. On March 20, God led me to send the email below to Surrender Fast Prayer Requests. The next day, Dr. Celeste read my prayer request along with the other prayer requests and noted how God had led me to be specific with my prayer. Dr. Celeste testified how she had seen God move in her life through praying with specificity.
On March 26, the Monday following March Communion Service, God led me to put in my move-out notice with my apartment complex. It was like music to my ears because God had been telling me to Be Still for months. I knew that the fact that He said Move meant that He had already Moved In My Favor. So, I did a praise dance and shouted from the top of my lungs. lol. Hallelujah!! Glory to Your Name God!! You Get The Highest Praise!!! I asked my sister if I could move in with her and her family in Woodbridge, VA for a month or two. I felt in my spirit that I would be gone by June, but had no idea where I was going.
On Tuesday, March 27, just six days after the Surrender Fast Prayer Line and just one day after I was obedient to put in my move-out notice with my apartment complex, I received an email from a recruiter regarding a Transfer Pricing position in Boston, MA. A couple weeks later, I was doing phone interviews and by the end of April, I was interviewing in the Boston office. NOTE: I had applied to this same firm last year for a more junior position and did not get an interview. This year, they contacted me for a more senior position and I got the job. I would have never applied to the position on my own. One, I wasn’t looking in Boston. Two, I would not have thought I was qualified. But God!!
And guess what? While I was in Boston interviewing, I received a call for another position in my field (Tax Law) this time for a position in DC (albeit not in my preferred area of International Tax and/or Transfer Pricing). And a week later, I received yet another interview for a position in DC, this time for a Federal Government job I had thought I really wanted before God opened the door He opened. The Door in Boston is the one God opened and it is the door that I have chosen to walk through. And because I was obedient to move out of my apartment When God Told Me To, I am already packed and ready for the move.:-)
Look at how Obedience and the Prayer of Faith Moves the Hand of God. Thank you for praying and believing with me. You are part of the Victory that Christ has won for me! I will be moving next week and starting in my new position on June 4, 2012. Please keep me lifted in prayer as I “go ye therefore” to do God’s will in Boston!
Love and Blessings!
Sandreea Woods
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2 thoughts on “Amazing Testimony from Cycle 2 Participant

  1. TrueheartSpeaks

    Wow!!! That is awesome! So excited to see how God moved for Sandreea. He is yet so faithful and knows what we need when we need it. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome Detra. Like you said, God is faithful. He can definitely dream bigger dream than we ever could.

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