The Health Segment: the Fat Burning Vinegar

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and (that your body) may keep well,
even as (I know) your soul keeps well and prospers.
III John 2 (Amp)

I’m sure you’ve heard of apple cider vinegar, but have you heard of a raw organic apple cider vinegar by the name of Bragg? Some call it the “mother” vinegar due to the inscription and face of a little women on the front of the bottle. Her name is Patricia Bragg.

At first glance Bragg Apple Cidar Vinegar looks and smells like any other vinegar, but if you turn the bottle to the back you’ll see the fish that represents “the fisher of men” and the verse from III John 2. In fact, Bragg is a Christian based company that has produced a vinegar with loads of benefits.

Author, Dr. Edward Group, founder of the Global Healing Center states that the beneficial ingredients in this vinegar gives it its power to make us feel better, look better, and feel energized thanks to several key ingredients including potassium and calcium. Other benefits include a quick fix for heartburn relief, help for clearing up skin conditions, and help for breaking down fats so that your body can burn them instead of store them.

To learn more please visit:

I pray that you prosper in every way,

Stephanie Davis
Executive Administrative Assistant
Disclaimer: Please pray and ask God for direction and always consult a physician before starting any new diet.
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