The Health Segment: 80 is the New 60

Have you ever wondered if there was really a fountain of youth or ways to postpone fine lines and wrinkles? What about a way to remain young and radiant without the use of botox and facelifts?

Well have I got a solution for you: Vitamin E!

Vitamin E works because it is a fat-soluble vitamin which protects Vitamin A and essential fatty acids from oxidation in the body, and prevents the breakdown of body tissue. What does that mean for you? Skin that remains toned, tight, ageless and beautiful.

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My Aunt Duck, who’s eighty-four years old, is a true testament to vitamin E. She started using it in her late thirties and to this day her skin remains flawless and aged-free (she’s in the photo above). Would you agree that she is living proof of the benefits of including Vitamin E into your diet?

Here’s to a more beautiful you!

Stephanie Davis
Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries

Disclaimer: Please pray and ask God for direction and always consult a physician before starting any new diet.

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