Cycle 3 – Moving Forward

My church’s theme this year is Moving Forward. Moving forward is about leaving behind those things which hinder you from fulfilling your destiny. I strongly sense that is God’s plan for us during this cycle of Surrender 2012.

Wouldn’t it be great to leave behind the old of 2012 and walk into your New Year ready to seize every moment? Can you imagine entering 2013 ready from Day 1?! Well get ready, get ready, get ready; that’s what will happen if you surrender it all to God now.

This cycle is particularly special to me because it marks the two year anniversary of the first Surrender Fast (from which this book is based). God has shaped and molded me greatly in the last two years and I am eternally grateful.

Let me take a moment to welcome those who have already committed to Cycle 3. Stephanie prayed this morning, “Thank you Lord for blessing them through their ‘yes.’”  You may not know this but just saying “yes” has created a shift in the atmosphere; that situation you’ve been praying about has just received new life because you have decided to say YES to the Lord!

If you haven’t already, say “yes” to Cycle 3 by emailing Stephanie at I have attached the flyer or visit the website for more info.

Also, don’t forget to complete the Pre-Fast Preparation Chapters prior to September 17.

Lastly, please share this blog with your family, friends, small group, and church family. We have a bulk sales rate for groups of 10 or more. Please call (202-425-6502) or email ( Stephanie for more info.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

Surrender 2012 Flyer

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4 thoughts on “Cycle 3 – Moving Forward

  1. Gloria John

    Cool stuff. Stay blessed!!

  2. Thank you for this chance and this fb page. I need to join.

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