The Pre-Fast Begins

Hello Everyone! Today we begin our Pre-Fast Preparation. This is a time for us to hear from the Lord regarding what we are to surrender for the 40 days period of consecration beginning September 17. The first five chapters of The 40-Day Surrender Fast are devoted to this time period.

As of now I don’t know what I am surrendering but I know it will become abundantly clear before the week’s end. If you, too, are unsure of what to surrender here’s an abbreviated list of what others have surrender in the past:

Certain foods
Sex (Married women this is not for you! 🙂
Social media
Selfishness, etc.

As you can see, there is no wrong thing to surrender, just be obedient to God’s plan. But here’s a word of caution, DON’T ATTEMPT TO SURRENDER EVERYTHING AT ONCE. Rome wasn’t built in a day; we are all a work in progress. Therefore, pick one (maybe two) thing(s) to give up and commit to that for 40 days.

For Cycle 3 I am offering two Pre-Fast Preparation conference calls:

Monday and Wednesday only (Sept 10 and Sept 12)
7:00-8:00pm, EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (213) 493-0800
Participant Access Code: 994553#

Share your insights, ask questions, and fellowship with other surrender fasters.

Lastly, The 40-Day Surrender Fast is on sale all week!

9/10 — $10.00/book
9/11 — $11.00
9/12 — $12.00
9/13 — $13.00

Plus $3.95 SHIPPING on Your Entire Order

Talk with you tonight!
Dr. Celeste

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