Cycle 3 (Wk 3): I Declare War!

Last night I had had enough and I knew I needed a change.

For the last two years—since taking rest from my activities—I have been bombarded with negative thoughts regarding my place in the world. As of late, they have gotten worst (I’ll tell you why in a moment).

But last night, I knew I had had enough. So I started searching my library frantically for Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers. After about 5 minutes of an unfruitful search another title caught my eye: The Three Battlegrounds by Francis Frangipane. In it Frangipane outlines an in-depth view of the three arenas of spiritual warfare: the mind, the church and the heavenly places.

I was hooked from the Introduction which reads:

 This is a book about spiritual warfare. Before we proceed, however, I have two concerns. The first is our need for wisdom. There is an old European proverb worth heeding. It reads: “Age and treachery will always defeat youth and zeal.” Before you engage in spiritual warfare, we should know this about Satan: He is an ancient and extremely treacherous foe. On the other hand, the strength of most Christians lies primarily in idealism and untested fervor. It is not long, usually five to ten years in the ministry, and most zeal has waned. Without warning, the minister’s call has deteriorated from a walk of vision to a mere job.

With that I understood that I had forgotten about the war that had been waged against me. Lately, I have been ignoring the need to be diligent. Oh sure I would pray and fast but I had neglected to be mindful of the tricks of the enemy. In fact, I have gotten quite bored with “noticing” the tactics of the enemy, choosing rather to ignore them and act as if they weren’t happening. So when my “you’re so boring and disconnected from the world” thoughts would start, I would attempt to brush them to the side. BIG MISTAKE. That’s why the attacks were growing. The truth is the enemy will keep waging war rather I’m participating or not! And the mind is his battlefield.

So rather than ignoring the enemy’s tactics, I am reminded in Ephesians 6:22 to “put on the whole armor of God” and in I Peter 5:8 “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Again, whether I choose to engage in war or not, Satan is always ready for battle. I can act clueless if I want and land myself in a mental institution!

So I’m ready. What about you? With Jesus on our side things will work out fine. Therefore, I declare that we are in a battle and we will win!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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6 thoughts on “Cycle 3 (Wk 3): I Declare War!

  1. sandie


    • Yes, Sandie we will because Jesus has already won the battle! All we need to do it stay dilligent and walk this thing out. Be blessed!

  2. Hi Dr Celeste! I’m a first timer and I’m hooked for life! Ive never blogged before and i just signed up. im reading all of your old posts and I declare war was a great eye opening week for me. It declared that the enemy is really real! Good word!

  3. Can I tell you that even though I am about 22 days late, this post is SO on point for me. It all makes sense now. I couldn’t understand why I just couldn’t shake some of the thoughts and feelings I had been having. I too had been negligent in being mindful of the tactics of the enemy. Somehow I just thought this was a phase I was going through. Since being home and being in isolation for some time now, I too had questioned my existence and my purpose, wondering if it had changed. This post was a confirmation to me that in addition to a message I heard last week, that I have been just as intentional as the enemy is guarding myself from him and his tactics. THANK YOU!

    • Yes Detra, you have to protect your mind. You are in a vulnerable space but this isn’t the end, it is your new beginning! God will isolate us for his purposes and He is using this time to get you ready for more (whatever that may be). Also, the work you do with the young ladies is phenomenal and I know the enemy can’t be happy about. I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers. Would you please post the link to your organization so others can be in prayer for you and perhaps get involved if they filled so moved.

      • Thank you! What’s funny is I never even thought about the work that I do with my girls and how I could be under attack for that, especially since we are getting ready to start up for a new year. It’s interesting how when you’ve been doing something for so long (13 years) that you forget how significant it may be to others. I certainly don’t take what I do lightly but again being on autopilot you forget you impact others and how powerful that impact may be. Thank you again for the reminder.

        For anyone who may be interested in learning more about the Young Miss Buffalo Pageant: Scholarship and Enrichment Program, Inc., here is our website link:

        Have a Good Night Dr. C!

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