Testimony from Lisa (Cycle 3)

At the start of this fast I prayed to be more submissive in my marriage, financial blessing to be debt free, and to hear more from God.

1)      Submission – I have learned to submit. While on this fast I read in the Bible that God said “when you submit to your leaders you are submitting to me and obeying me”. That was an eye opener.

2)      Financial explosion – I began paying off all my debt at the beginning of the year. I was stuck with two judgments that were on my credit report.  I received out of the blue a check from my parents for $7000 as a gift!!!!! This allowed me to pay off two outstanding JUDGEMENTS on my credit report. Further, we were blessed with $1500. from someone paying my husband and I back, which we were not expecting. During this fast we received over $8,000 unexpected!!!! And finally, my parents told me on YESTERDAY that they knew we were looking to buy a new home and to let them know the closing costs!!!!!! I am humbly thankful.

3)      God’s voice – I know the small still voice of God, but I would not take heed, but now the voice is loud and clear and my senses are wide awake to his promptings. While on this fast I did not drink any alcohol. I was a social drinker but I heard God say let it go. But I was like it’s only sociably, and God said let it go. Last night I threw away a bottle of Jamaica Rum Cream from Jamaica that I got from a co-worker on the first day of the fast. I put it up and could not wait until Oct 27th! But last night I had no desire for it and threw it outside in the trash to be sure it would be picked up with the next day’s trash.

Thank you Lord!!!

Oh and I received a promotion which took my salary up $20,000!!!

Dr. Celeste, and your team I am humbly thankful for your guidance, your prayers, and YOU obeying your call. Thank you very much. Thank you Lord!

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