Life After Surrender 2012

How’s life after the Surrender Fast?!!

Rather you did 1 or all 3 cycles this year I pray your life will never be the same.

I also pray that your time with the Lord was fruitful. That you regained your focused, renewed your passion for His agenda, restored some relationships, found peace, got some rest and received all God intended to bestow on you.

It has become abundantly clear, at least for me, that surrendering is not simply for a moment but a lifetime. For that reason, I seek to remain in a constant posture of surrender. What does that look like for me on a daily basis? It involves carving out personal time with God, humbling myself before God and men, releasing my will in the areas of diet and exercise…In other words, seeking and submitting to God’s will in every area of my life.

Some of you also get that surrender is a lifestyle. Joy (Maryland) hasn’t stopped fasting since Cycle 1, Donald (New York) will be a vegetarian for the rest of the year, Stephanie (New York) will give God at least 15 minutes of quiet time daily, and 2 employees of Freddie Mac (Virginia) have named their surrender experience 41 Days and Beyond!

What will life after the Surrender Fast look like for you? (Please share below.)

Lastly, we are doing it all again! Cycle 4 of Surrender 2013 starts December 31. I know, it’s a weird date but the fast needs to start on a Monday, so December 31 it is.

Join in and invite your friends, family, church family, and co-workers to experience the power of surrender. Forty days and a surrendered heart will change your life!

Bulk rate discount book pricing is available. Email Stephanie ( for more details.

Stay tuned for more information!!!

With God all things are possible,

P.S. We are still taking your prayer request. Please submit to And your praise reports to

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