Testimony from First Lady Malinda Chisholm

A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with both an aneurism and a blocked artery in my neck. I was told that the artery was 100% blocked. They instructed me to take an aspirin every day to keep the other artery in my neck from blocking.

So for the last year the doctor’s have been monitoring my condition. Two weeks ago I had yet another MRA. Today the doctor reported to me great news! First that the aneurism hasn’t grown any in over a years time and that both the arteries in my neck are plaque free! I could hardly contain myself in the doctor’s office. What a mighty God we serve.

We’ve been saying all year that this is the year of miracles and God has worked a miracle in my life. Thank you for your prayers. If you are believing God for anything, keep on believing!

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5 thoughts on “Testimony from First Lady Malinda Chisholm

  1. Donna Watson

    Praise God!!!

  2. joybriscoe

    Mom Chisholm, that is WONDERFUL! You are truly an example of what God can and will do, I am truly encouraged! Love you!

  3. Lady Malinda C. Chisholm

    Ms. Joy, Am I special or what? Lol

  4. joybriscoe

    Lol! You know you are!

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