The Lord Will Make a Way Some-HOW

I’ve been reading the story of Nehemiah who was instrumental in rebuilding the dilapidated wall of Jerusalem in just 52 days! It was a monumental task but God somehow worked a miracle. I am so encouraged by his story and others like it.

My friend Michelle Ruth Jones of The Time to Fly Foundation, a non-profit that helps women, is also a trailblazer. About a month ago her organization was the recipient of a $25K media grant. She said of the grant, “Only God and my prayer buddies know the tears I’ve shed from the weight of the growing work…yet the Holy Spirit has repeatedly said ‘Daughter, hold on TRUST Me’”.

Pastor Mark Batterson wrote on his blog these profound words, “When God gives a vision, He makes provision!” Both Nehemiah and Michelle were burdened with tasks that were bigger than them, but they succeeded because they believed that God would make a way somehow. They also prayed and moved into action when God provided the means. Michelle didn’t hear about the grant until 48 hours before the final decision was to be made. God doesn’t need a lot of time, He just needs willing vessels to do His work.

What huge task(s) has God laid at your feet? Will you pick it up? Don’t concern yourself with HOW it will get done; in faith do ALL God is instructing and He will work out the how.

If you are in a season of transition or need to refocus on the plan that God has for your life, join us for Cycle 4 of the Surrender Fast to begin December 31. There is an introductory video on the Home page. Please encourage your family, friends, and church congregations to join us for this life-changing experience!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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4 thoughts on “The Lord Will Make a Way Some-HOW

  1. joybriscoe

    WOW! Dr. Owens such reinforcement! Right on time!

  2. God has used you again!!

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