Out of Order: Lessons from a Neglectful Wife

Okay I’m being dramatic, but I must admit, I’ve been guilty of not putting Andel first.

Of course during our engagement it was all about him. And maybe even the first couple years of marriage—not sure—you would have to ask him. But then came kids, work and ministry obligations and he began to play second fiddle.

We have a good marriage so suffice it to say I didn’t do any of this intentionally; it just sort of happen.

It’s funny how those who are supposed to mean the most to us are quickly relegated to the “I’ll get to you when I get a chance” category when life becomes all about us.

I wasn’t aware of the severity of my behavior until a recent disagreement with Andel that got me to thinking. We were visiting friends in North Carolina. The host cooked breakfast. I feed the kids then ran off to the Post Office. When I returned all the food was eaten and Andel – fast asleep – had missed out.

Matter-of-factly I said, “You missed out on the pancakes.” To my surprise he replied sarcastically “Good looking out, you did it again.” Did what again? Not save him a pancake?! I was totally confused and was ready to be upset for the rest of the day until the Holy Spirit whispered don’t get mad seek to understand.

About a week later my answer showed up in the middle of a conversation with a friend. Her marriage had been rocky forever, but God had turned their situation around. The remedy? She started putting her husband first. And when she did their entire relationship changed. She further stated that God blesses ORDER and when we step out of His design we doom ourselves to failure.

I had been praying for God’s anointing and blessings on our ministry, but had sadly been out of order.  In that moment I repented and vowed to put Andel first. In an instant 3 three ways to “put him first” came to mind and I formulated a plan to get those things done.

But then something amazing happened. God didn’t wait until I had it all together and was demonstrating right behavior. Over the days following my conversation with my friend God did some amazing things that confirmed He had honored my change of heart.

I am amazed by that. God didn’t wait weeks to see if I was going to keep my word. He blessed me right away. Thankfully, He doesn’t need to see our works; He simply responds to a changed heart!

This is not only a good lesson for married women but for all of us because we are all called to serve and to submit ourselves to a higher authority.

Is there an area where you are not living up to God’s standard? An area where you know God is requiring you to release control or to do more, but you are hesitant? Remember God doesn’t bless a mess and a little leaven leavens the whole lump (Gal. 5:9). Don’t brush things off; even the small matters become big over time.

If you want to walk in God’s unmerited favor and fulfill His bigger dream for your life, surrender it ALL to Him.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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4 thoughts on “Out of Order: Lessons from a Neglectful Wife

  1. Robyn

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. camilla moore

    Wow! This was definitely a message from the Lord for me, and I can honestly say I’m so guilty of putting my husband last and yes the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about this so please keep me and my stubborn self up in prayer have some serious heart issues and I need deliverance.

    • Wow Camilla, tell the truth and shame the devil! Acknowledging that there is a problem puts you 50% of the way to solving it. I just said a prayer for you and will do so as often as I remember. The Surrender Fast is great at helping you get to the root of “heart issues.” Please consider joining us for Cycle 4 of Surrender Fast 2013. Be blessed!

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