Surrender Fast 2013 – Are you in?!

Most of us want to know God’s plan for our lives, but we’re not always sure how to find it.

Do you know that God can dream a bigger dream than you? For years I thought I had it all together; my life was planned the way I wanted it. But when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 the journey back to health allowed me to re-evaluate my plans. In fact, I learned that my plan was nearly the polar-opposite of what God had in mind. Now I am living His bigger dream; the one he had planned for me from the foundations of the earth.  And it feels great!

What about you?

Are you living God’s bigger dream? If you find yourself frustrated and discouraged all the time, I would guess you are not.

God’s plan is for you to live life more abundantly, to have peace that surpasses understanding, and joy unspeakable! He desires to commune with you, to share His vision, and move you forward in it–all you need to do is SURRENDER.

If you are ready for God to do a new thing in you join us Dec. 31 – Feb. 8 for a powerful time of prayer and fasting. Our theme for Cycle 4 is “Enough is Enough: Mastering the Art of Contentment.” For more info and to register visit the Surrender Fast website.

I look forward to taking the journey with you.

With God all things are possible,Dr. Celeste

Information on how to join Cycle 4.

Information on how to join Cycle 4.

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2 thoughts on “Surrender Fast 2013 – Are you in?!

  1. Robyn

    I LOVE this theme!

    • Hi Robyn, it seems to be resonating with folks. 🙂 I am looking forward to our time together. Also, let others know that even if they are not fasting they are welcome to call into the Morning Prayer (7-7:15am EST) and submit prayer requests. I will have the conference line number posted soon. Have a good one!

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