“Here am I. Send me!”

I am Pre-Fasting with the newly formed  Intercessory Prayer Team whom you will meet this Saturday (Dec. 22) at the Surrender Fast Family *Reunion/2013 Kickoff. This powerhouse group of 7 is emptying themselves, of themselves in response to God’s call for them to intercede on your behalf during Cycle 4 of Surrender 2013.

Today we are meditating on Isaiah 6:1-8. In this passage of scripture Isaiah is commissioned by the Lord to serve the rebellious Israelites. Just prior to the call, Isaiah had a vision of God Himself surrounded by seraphs who called to one another:

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty;
the whole earth is full of his glory.”

This scene terrified Isaiah as he realized he was in the presence of the true and living God. He instantly cried out for forgiveness which was granted him, along with the power to fulfill God’s tough call on his life.

When Isaiah was ready God called him with these words: “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” Isaiah’s response? “Here am I. Send me!”

You may be anxious to do something great, but God’s plan for your life won’t happen until true repentance occurs and you willingly surrender all to Him.

God’s plan for you is best and His call on your life is great! **Won’t you surrender? Won’t you give your life in totality to Christ?

In fact, knowing God’s plan for your life requires total surrender; a willingness to give it all up for the One who loves you most. Only He proved His love to you and only He can cause you to succeed. When you know that to be the truth you gladly respond as Isaiah did, “Here am I. Send me!”

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

*It’s still now too late to sign-up for the Surrender Fast Family Reunion and 2013 Kickoff in Bowie, MD. This event is free but you must REGISTER.

**Join us for Cycle 4 of Surrender 2013 (a time of prayer and fasting with other brothers and sisters in Christ).

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