Cycle 4: The Pre-Fast Preparation Starts Today!

Today marks the first day of our Pre-Fast Preparation period for Cycle 4 of Surrender 2013. Are you excited?! I know I am. There is an expectancy in my spirit. God is about to show up and do something amazing; He’s about to make the impossible possible, and set straight that which we have made crooked.

God doesn’t need a lot of time. He just need willing vessels who are OPEN to His plan. That is what the Surrender Fast is all about: giving  your life in totality to Christ. Turning it ALL over to Him and watching Him move as only He can.

Prepare your heart to receive from the Lord His goodness, peace, and joy. Expect Him to show up today in your situation and minister to you His wisdom and guidance. Although this is just the Pre-Fast, God is near to you and He wants to commune with you.

Today’s Devotional is entitled: “Let God do a New Thing.” What “new thing” do you need from the Lord? Whatever that may be, rest assured that He can do it. Is there anything to hard for God? Absolutely not, He can do the impossible!

I am encouraging you to invite a friend to be part of this experience with you. Help them start 2013 off the right way. They can sign up for this powerful time of fasting on the Surrender Fast Website.

The Morning Prayer Line starts next Monday (Dec. 31). The conference phone number will be posted soon. This line is open to any one who wants to call in, not just those fasting. This cycle’s theme is: Enough is Enough!

I’ll talk to you on the line next week.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

Special note: If you have completed the Surrender Fast in the past, the Pre-Fast Preparaton is still necessary. Each day find a scripture that you can mediate on and ask God to reveal to you what you are to surrender for the next 40 days. Then during the fasting process read God’s word each day and journal your experience. The 40-Day Surrender Fast Devotional is required reading for all who are new to the Surrender Fast.

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20 thoughts on “Cycle 4: The Pre-Fast Preparation Starts Today!

  1. Anissa

    I am so looking for what God has in store for me! “Enough is Emough! Thank you again for the Surrender Fast Kick-off. It was truly a blessing! Dr. Celeste I pray for your strength and continued obedience as we embark on Cycle 4…. God is truly using you to bring the masses closer to him!

    • Thanks Anissa! Enough is Enough is right! If we are willing God will do a new thing in us. Thank for you attending the Kick-off and for you testimony! It was powerful. I am reminded that we overcome by the words of our testimony. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m so looking forward to this! My husband and I were just saying enough is enough. 2013 is going to be our year! This such an on time message!

  3. Lynda

    Well I am excited this is my second 40 day fast and the them is timely. I will be relocating to NC in 2013 because I want to be closer to family there in NC. So enough is enough for me of getting rid of the old and moving on with so much stuff in my life.

  4. Brittany W.

    Thank you Dr. Owens for speaking at the QE ministry. I was a little intimidated with starting a fast being this is my first time. I have purchased the book and look forward to the surrender fast! I will try my best to encourage others in the process. I feel blessed to be apart of this with you all!

    • Yes Brittany fasting can be intimating without the proper support. I am so glad you heard about the Surrender Fast. With God’s guidance we will help you achieve fasting success. There have been others to do the fast with no prior fasting experience and were able to finish the entire 40 days. So you can do it! 🙂

  5. Natalie

    Hello Dr. Owens, I had the chance to listen to your podcast. You did a great job and very informative and inspirational. Thank you for your obedience and discernment.

  6. Reblogged this on Trueheart Writes and commented:
    Please join me in participating in Cycle 4 of the Surrender Fast. This is my third time and I am looking forward to surrendering even more of myself to the Lord. Even though the Pre-Fast Preparation started today, you can still join! Won’t you spend the next 40 days with us surrendering yourself to the Lord to be used as He so desires?
    ~Merry Christmas!

  7. Mary Foster

    How does the fast work? From what hours to what hours.

    • Great question Mary. The beauty of the Surrender Fast is that you and God set the conditions. What you “surrender” is unique to you. If you are surrendering food by way of an absolute fast (abstention from food for a specified amount of time) you decide how long that will be each day. For example some skip breakfast, others breakfast and lunch and just have dinner. But whatever you do, do it for 40 days (even the weekend). I am going Vegan. So no meat, sweets, dairy, etc. for 40 days. Again, you decide during this Pre-Fasting Preparation period (Dec. 24 – Dec. 29). The Pre-Fast Preparation chapters are in the beginning sections of The 40-Day Surrender Fast Devotional.

  8. This is my third time participating in the Surrender Fast. I am in great anticipation of God’s exceeding abundance. Thank you Dr. Owens for blessing others with your obedience.

    • You are welcome! “Great anticipation of God’s exceeding abundance.” I love that, I am with you. We have no idea how God is about to move!

  9. Pat Jackson

    “Enough is enough!” I am excited and really looking forward to participating in the Surrender Fast. I have fasted many times before and am anticipating the blessing that comes with discipline and obedience.

  10. jeannette jones

    Hi Dr. O:

    I was unable to attend the kick off and did not pick up my book. How can I get it from you?
    Jeannette Jones

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