Pre-Fast Preparation Question of the Day (Tuesday, Dec. 25)

broken chains

What is a Surrender Fast?

“If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, and/or bound decide that now is the time to do something new; have the courage to release your plan for His. The blessings that will stem from your obedience will be well worth the sacrifice (see Deuteronomy 28).” (The 40-Day Surrender Fast, p. 12)

What area(s) of your life do you need to surrender to God?

Ponder this today (BTW, Merry Christmas!) and please comment below.

Talk to you tomorrow,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. I am surrendering my diet. I will be Vegan (no meats, sweets, dairy, etc.) for 40 days. Not sure if there is one other area God wants me to surrender. I will keep you posted.

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15 thoughts on “Pre-Fast Preparation Question of the Day (Tuesday, Dec. 25)

  1. joybriscoe

    Dr. Celeste, you are such a MINISTER, ministering to us today. Thanks for setting such a good example during the holiday season, that any time is a GOOD TIME to Surrender!
    Thanks for ALL you do! Joy

  2. I can’t believe I’m about to ask this… so are there any websites or recipe books you recommend for someone looking into becoming a temporary vegetarian? Lol

  3. Iris Vasquez

    I need to surrender my body, mind and soul and let God to renew my life completely. Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

  4. I am surrendering my attitude regarding negativity. I will surrender speaking, listening to and thinking it. The truth is sometimes my attitude really stinks. Excited about surrender fast, telling everybody I know. Expecting great results and transformation within me. Ready to do the work to get the results.

    • That’s great Roxanne. As the old saying goes our attitude determines our altitude. I can only imagine where you will go once you have surrendered negativity. Great things!

  5. By the way ordred two books.Wondering when I should expect them?

    • Thanks for your order! Your books were mailed Thurs., Dec. 20. They should arrive tomorrow. I’m sure a little delayed due to holiday mailings. In the meantime you can read the Pre-Fast Preparation chapters from Surrender Fast homepage (midway down the page on the left): Be blessed!

  6. I’m just catching up. I got off to a slow start with the holidays. I need to surrender my finances, my will, my plan, my business, my nieces, my family and my current state. Some days I feel as though I’m rushing God’s plan and other days I feel as though I’m not moving fast enough, so I just need clarity on where I currently am and what God needs me to do, if anything, while here.

    • Yes, just let God be. Each day submit your day to Him and let Him direct your path. As a fellow planner πŸ™‚ I’ve been where you are. Finding the balance is key. I know that you are continuing to grow in this area. I can’t wait to see what you look like in 2013!

  7. Anissa

    This week of preparation has been a blessing. In addition to surrendering certain foods from my diet (meats, sweets, and soda) I will surrender negative thoughts “stinking thinking”. I am so looking forward to the transformation over this 40 day journey!

    • Amen Nissa! This Pre-Fast Prep week has been a blessing, it has intensified my focus. I praise God for what He will do over the next 40 days!!!

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