Pre-Fast Preparation – Question of the Day (Friday, Dec. 28)

It’s Complicated

“The mere passing of time doesn’t make us whole. Simply saying the words, “I’m over that” doesn’t it so. Nor does burying the pain deep in the recesses of our mind. Healing is a process and if most of us are honest we know that getting over our past is — well — complicated.” (The 40-Day Surrender Fast, p. 23)

QOTD: What lies from childhood have you accepted as truth? In what ways do they continue to influence your thoughts and behavior?

This is a great question! I had to think about it for a minute, but one childhood belief that challenges my truthfulness is the belief that “Girls are always nice.” Therefore, when I am encouraged by the Holy Spirit to confront someone I have to fight thoughts like — Girls don’t challenge others who are wrong, Girls don’t speak up, Girls smile and keep quiet — before I am obedient.

My daughter Aaliyah is the complete opposite of me. Recently someone gave her a gift she didn’t like. She kinda nodded and went on to something else. I wanted to make her “oohh and aahh” over the gift, but thankfully I stopped myself from making her play nice.

Please comment below on what childhood beliefs you have accepted as truth.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. Today marks the last day of our preparation period. Continue to pray and meditate on God’s word throughout the weekend.

Join us Day 1 for Morning Prayer!!!

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22 thoughts on “Pre-Fast Preparation – Question of the Day (Friday, Dec. 28)

  1. Cherie

    The lie I was taught was that I should be agreeable and keep my opinions to myself. I’ve learned to express my opinions more, as an adult, but I still fall back often and agree with someone just for the sake of agreeing, rather than sticking to my guns. That trait has kept others for seeing the real me, and I don’t want to do that anymore. I am God’s wonderful creation!

    • Cherie, the world needs to hear your voice because no one can be you but you! In this area I’ve learned that practice makes perfect. Sometimes I speak up and other times I sit on my opinion/feelings. When the latter occurs I go back to re-evaluate my behavior, not in a judgmental way, just to learn what to do or not do the next time. Not speaking up is not necessarily bad, (see James 1:19; be slow to speak) we just need to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

  2. Trevis Adams

    Not exactly sure what event or events formed my erroneous belief that ” I’m not worthy” . The “what” varies depending on circumstances. Intellectually I know that I am worthy of Gods love favor and more but the choices that I’ve made in life seemed to only reinforce this lie. I’m fasting to break free so that my mind spirit and heart will come into alignment with Gods word and realize that I am worthy because Christ died for me.

    • Trevis, I was encouraged by this scripture today. 2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us that the weapons that God gives us to fight with are not weapons of the world. Our weapons have divine power to DEMOLISH strongholds. That’s deep! Paul uses military terminology to emphasize the fact that we are at war.

      For you, me, and so many others the battlefield is the mind. So Paul in the next verse (v. 5) implores us to “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” In other words every thought that goes against the truth, we must challenge.

      I praise God for what He is doing in you even now What will you look like in 40 days?!

  3. Stephanie

    I was always taught that adults are always correct and I, as a child, do not question, confront, challenge, or much less speak to an adult without being spoken to. As an adult is was scared to speak up for myself. I was afraid to stand up for my children in many situations. My husband and I are young parents so I was always dealing with my “elders”. This not speaking up has caused many things to occur in both my life and my children’s lives. My oldest began to feel as though I wouldn’t fight for her in situations where an adult was wrong. I am still learning to speak up. I also encourage my children to speak up as well, but with a balance of respect.

    • Whew, that’s a tough one Stephanie: speak only when you are spoken too. So many of us were taught the same message. But with God all things are possible. Ask Him to increase your holy boldness. Try speaking up one situation at a time. And if you don’t get it right, don’t beat yourself up, just try to do better the next time.

      It’s hard to teach what you haven’t learned. As for your children, be honest with them (as appropriate) and share your fear of speaking up. That will give them some insight into your behavior and this tactic may be particularly beneficial to your oldest. (S)he may think there is something wrong with him/her that causes you not to take up for them…just a thought.

      Be blessed and welcome to 40 days of surrender!

  4. This was a huge one for me because I really took some time to ponder on this journal writing this morning. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote during my journal and meditation time: ‘I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t pretty enough, I was too skinny and I didn’t have enough ‘meat’ on my bones, I look young therefore I am young and I don’t know anything.’ I felt as if there was always something missing. I never fit the mold. I was always different and although I tried to fit in, I never did. I noticed that as I got older, I found myself trying to fit in, trying to prove myself to people to prove I was smart enough, old enough and I that I can hold my own. There was also a time where I felt I had to dumb down my intelligence because everyone else wasn’t as smart and I didn’t want to seem like the odd ball out. I have since overcome that and have come to realize that I am fine just the way I am. I love being told I look 25 when I haven’t been 25 in a lonnnnng time. lol. I still struggle sometimes with having to prove myself to people who think I’m younger than I am but I let my work speak for me and try not to nip it in the bud when I notice that mindset coming on. Moreover I have also embraced my ‘difference.’ Knowing that I was created to be unique I love when God puts me in a place to minister to his righteous rebels and encourage them to keep challenging the status quo. Though I am still a work in progress, I know I have come a long way. Thank you Jesus!!!

    • Amen for “coming a long ways!!!” I hear you! We are all a work in progress.

      It’s interesting how the enemy/people try to make you feel bad about being unique/different when the Word says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. That means God crafted each of us individually and made us unique according to His plan. Therefore, different is good.

      I praise God that you have embraced your idiosyncrasies and letting God use them for His glory!

  5. Monyca Hall

    I thought I wasn’t pretty enough or good enough to be loved. As a young lady I based that on a limited relationship with my mother. Then at age 21 I took a stand to tell my mother how her actions and/or lack of actions formed my opinions/beliefs of myself. From that day forward my relationship with my mother changed to be a beautiful one in which we communicated until she passed away in 2000 from breast cancer. I continue to work on me and my belief system. I know that I am good enough for God so therefore I am good enough for anyone who comes into my life. Until I go to be with my savior I will be a work in progress. But I am thankful that he has from birth always been an important part of my life.

    • Thanks for your comment Monyca. That goes to show that honesty is the best policy. When you told your mother how you felt it changed your relationship for the better. Thanks for sharing, I think that may encourage someone else to have a similar tough conversation. Be blessed!

  6. Dawn

    I also was taught that adults were always right. I have a hard time speaking up for myself, but no more of not speaking up for myself in 2013.

    • Hello Dawn, I find it ironic that as an adult you have a hard time speaking up although you were taught “adults are always right.” It would seem that as an adult you would speak up. Right? Unfortunately, that teaching had an opposite effect on you in your adulthood, but no more! I praise God for your courage. Be blessed!

  7. Patricia Pullien

    Hello Dr.Owens I’m Patricia Pullien I am so so pleased to say that I was a part of the last fast and so looking forward to what God has instore for me starting on Monday. However I am visually impaired and limited to the internet but I have something to share with you . If there is anyway I could possibly speak with you it would be greatly appreciated.(614) 829-7611 I am so thankful for you sharing this fast with us all. It has been amazing Be Blessed!! Patricia.

    • I praise God that you were blessed during the last Surrender Fast. He is so faithful and the worthy to be praised! I look forward to hearing how He moves mightily in your life this Cycle.

      I would love to speak with you. I will try calling you this afternoon (Dec. 30). Be blessed!

  8. Grace

    Excited to see what God has in store for me during the next 40 days. I was taught to clean my plate and don’t waste food. I think this has caused my weight issues as an adult. It’s been a struggle all my life. I’m ready to be released from this strong hold.

    • Grace, you can’t waste food because “there are starving people in China.” That’s what I heard all the time! 🙂 So I understand where you are coming from. May God bless you richly during this time of surrender.

  9. Not until this moment did I realize that one of the “predictions” on my life had an effect on me. It was often said, “Yvette is going to stay barefoot and pregnant and have a house full of babies.” I was equally built up and torn down so condemnation and compliments were accepted with blank stares. I wasn’t sure how to react. I was quite confused. I came from a large family so why was pregnancy a bad thing? There was 6 of us, did that mean I’d have 12? Why was I singled out as the daughter that would meet such a fate? I had not yet had one child and already believed myself to be some type of failure. It was bad enough that when mama and daddy split when I was in 2nd grade that I felt like he had left ME because I wasn’t good enough. Now, whenever I had children, I wasn’t going to stop having them.

    That said, I lived in fear of becoming the “Old woman in the shoe”. I would get sad when I saw a dog with new puppies fighting for a space to nurse. I would cringe when I saw a possum with her babies. I secretly believed that I’d be just like them. I feared living fully because I believed failure was right before me…..waiting.

    • The truth is going to make you free. Listen as God speaks directly to your heart regarding this matter. As our theme reminds us: Enough is Enough! I praise God in advance for what He is doing for you now and in the days to come. You will live (an abundant life) and not die (your hopes, dreams, aspirations). Be blessed!

  10. Charmaine

    Growing up I was always the popular one like cheerleader, dance, and etc.. I was always loud but I do feel I had to be that way cause I was short. I wanted people to know I was there. I would get really mad if you were smarter than me and would become very mean. I remember I was so mean to this girl she told me on our graduation that I made high school hard for her and I think about that all the time. As an adult now I try to watch what I say and make people feel good.

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