Cycle 4 of Surrender Fast 2013 Begins Today!!!

On your Mark, Get set, Fast!

Welcome to Cycle 4 of Surrender Fast 2013! Today marks the first day of our 40 days of surrender.

I am excited for what God is doing now and will do for you in the days to come. Expect Him everyday: look for Him around every corner, hear Him speak out of the mouth of babes and strangers,  believe that He wants to do something new in you!

Our theme this cycle is timely: “Enough is Enough!” Can’t you just feel the power when you speak those 3 simple words? Enough is Enough.

Likewise, God is  encouraging us to take these words personally. He is ready to breath life into our dead situations and put us on the right path. As Ezekiel said, “Can these dry bones live?” Yes, they can!

Whatever you have surrendered to God for this fast consider THAT your Enough is Enough call to action. I revealed today on the Morning Prayer Conference Call that I am surrendering my comfort zone in the area of writing. I have gotten comfortable with just writing a blog, but God has placed books in me so enough is enough.

Truthfully, I missed my opportunity to write last year, but I won’t let that happen in 2013. There are some books in me that need to come out!

What about you? Comment below and let us know your “Enough is Enough” call to action.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

A few Instructions to enhance your fasting experience:

1. Join us for Morning Prayer. Or listen to the Recordings.

2. Follow this blog.

3. First time fasters should read The 40-Day Surrender Fast. There is a devotional chapter for each weekday. This will help you get the most from your fasting experience.

4. Surrender 1 maybe 2 things for 40 days (unless otherwise instructed by God). Surrendering too much at one time will overwhelm you.

5. Join us for the Weekly Wrap-up call featuring the Inspirational Moment by Pastor Donald Chisholm (Lockport, NY). This call is every Friday at 12noon.

Questions? Email Stephanie at

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15 thoughts on “Cycle 4 of Surrender Fast 2013 Begins Today!!!

  1. I too am surrendering my comfort zone: daily study, writing and exercising and giving up some favorite TV shows. What a great way to start the New Year! Thank you Dr. Owens.

  2. joybriscoe

    Good Morning Dr. Celeste, as I was listening to you on the call this morning I find it fascinating as well how one theme touches people differently. I know for me as Enough is Enough stuck out powerfully to me so did the sub theme “Mastering the Art of Contentment”. Because of the season I came out of this cycles theme hit me as confirmation and reinforcement like that’s right ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, no more missing out on seeing what God IS doing, because of the lack of contentment all I could see was what I planned in my mind He would do. I love you, thank you for your ministry!

    • Hi Joy, you are so right. We miss out on what God is doing in the present because we are so busy planning for what we THINK He will do in the future. Tomorrow is not promised therefore, we have to learn to be content.

      Although I am not entirely sure what is to come this Cycle (during the Morning Prayer call) I think some lesson on contentment will weave its way into the teaching. Love ya!

  3. joybriscoe

    Your ministry is such a blessing in my life no matter what God leads you to teach it will be right on time!

  4. joybriscoe

    Love you too!

  5. Nakeisha

    I have been struggling to the point where i started to get frustrated as far as what God wanted me to surrender, i called Dr Celeste yesterday and after our conversation decided i was giving up drinking soda (coca-cola). While answering the question in your book i started talking to the Lord and he laid on my heart that i should stay away from social networks for a while. To my understanding facebook and blackberry messenger has been distracting me from allowing me to be used by God. Thank you Dr Celeste.

    • You are welcome. I knew the answer would come to you Nakeisha! When we sit still God speaks.

      Also, you bring up a good point about the questions…some people skip answering them because they don’t like to journal. But you are a witness that they help with the exploration process and allow one go deeper and hear from God clearly.

      I am so happy that you are on this journey and didn’t allow frustration to turn you around. Be Blessed!

  6. Dr. Owens,

    I finally got to use this blog and be able to describe the joy and the blessing I have received through the God in you. I completed Cycle 3 and the miracles, signs and wonders that God performed during my fast was absolutely amazing.

    I kept a journal of each day that I was fasting with the different miracles and wonders and I would love to share with you this wonderful testimony.

    I was introduced to the 40-Day Surrender Fast through a cousin of mine who purchased the book for me.

    After she explained what she was going through and that she was doing the fast, I decided to stand on agreement with her that I will support her fasting for a greater breakthrough manifestation for her life.

    As a result of keeping that agreement and fasting for a breakthrough for her life, I also received my breakthrough for mine.

    Once I began to fast, God revealed to me what He wanted to do a week after I started. I had surrender meats for the 40 days and God told me to select ten people from my friends list so they could be blessed because of my obedience to Him. I did exactly as He commanded.

    The manifestation during and after the 40 days is a true testimony!

    Nevertheless, surrendering to God was a blessing for me and others where blessed as well. The power of prayer and fasting is the key to many open doors.

    I would love to share this further with you Dr. Owens and I wished I knew a way to do it so that you can share it with others.

    Cycle 4 is going to be amazing because this is the season that I WILL publish my book. I have been writing for a year and God is going to direct me on how to get it done, and how to find the right people to help me expand this vision.

    I am not a professional writer, I do not know about illustrator and publishers, but one thing I do know is that I have a story to tell, and because God is so awesome He will order my steps and everything will fall into place.

    I decree and declare over your life that God will favor you in all areas and that the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross for you will protect you and yours always in Jesus name. Amen!

    Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. I pray it will be a blessing.
    Min. Kemley

    • Praise God for your obedience because of your sacrifice so many are being blessed! I also can’t wait to get a copy of your book. Wow, a published author…that will feel good. I remember the first time I saw my book in print, I screamed (and startled my 8 year old :). I can’t wait to here how God moves for you in Cycle 4!

  7. Natalie

    Hello Dr. Owens, the teaching and prayer today was so on target and I spoke with several people and they had to go back and listen again. I really appreciate your ministry. Also, could you please let me know what that you played yesterday after prayer. Thank you

    • Hello Natalie, I praise God for what He is doing. He has a way of taking His word and dividing it up in a way to meets everyone’s needs. Amazing! The song was “Give Me You” by Shana Wilson. Keep us posted on how you are doing!

  8. Autumn

    Hello. Going into the fast do I have to know what I’m expecting to get out of the fast? A specific goal or breakthrough?

    • Hello Autumn. Great question. No, you only need to surrender (1) thing that means a lot to you. Something that shares part of your heart with God. During the fasting process you will experience breakthroughs, but as other Fasters can attest, the breakthroughs that occur are often unexpected and far greater than ever anticipated!

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