Where in the World are the Surrender Fasters?

where are you

Here’s a fun fact.

Cycle 4 of Surrender Fast 2013 is taking place in 18 states, 22 cities, and Canada!!!


Where in the world are you?

Please post so that we can become better acquainted with you!

Also, I pray you are being blessed tremendously as you spend quality time with our God,
Dr. Celeste


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21 thoughts on “Where in the World are the Surrender Fasters?

  1. Krisann Johnson

    Happy New Year! I am in Atlanta, GA, and excited and blessed to be a part of the 2013 Surrender Fast. I look forward to the Victory: committing myself to God, growing with the Lord, changing my habits, and completing the fast. Hallelujah!

    • Happy New Year Krisann! By your response I take it that you listened to this morning’s prayer call. 🙂 Commitment to God leads to Victory in 2013!

      • Krisann Johnson

        Thanks Dr. Celeste for the New Years “shout out.” I’ve been listening to the prayers ever since. I SURRENDER!!!!

  2. Kametra M. Matthews

    Happy New Year! I’m in Maryland and am enjoying the fast! You inspired me to eat added sugars only at certain times of the year, so praying to be successful.

    • What?! You are modifying your sweets for the year? Okay that makes 3 of us (that I know of). Gayle Jones from FBCG has committed to ZERO sweets this year! You go Gayle! I have identified which 3 times I will have sweets this year: Mother’s Day, My birthday, and at my husband’s Christmas party. Otherwise, I consume much healthier options like homemade fruit smoothies, apples w/organic peanut butter, greek yogurt w/strawberries and organic granola…just trying to give you and others some healthier ways to satisfy the longing for something sweet. Keep us posted on your progress and how God blesses you during Cycle 4.

      • Kametra M. Matthews

        Thanks for the suggestions! I will only eat sweets on the major holidays (baby steps but it equates 6 days-my birthday is one of them). I’ve never eaten so much fruit 😉

      • Gayle

        So yes I’m in Maryland worshipping at FBCG like Dr. Celeste and her precious family! Kametra and Dr. Celeste “No white sugar, treats nor sweets will it be for us three!” (Say that out loud!-smile).

  3. Kemley

    I am in the state of New Jersey. God is doing wonderful things. Living for Christ and committing to His will and not ours is the best New Years gift. Stay Blessed!

  4. Jelesia Simms

    Hello! Happy New Year! I’m in MO & I really enjoyed cycle 3 & now doing it again cycle 4! God Bless!

  5. I am in Seattle, WA and grateful to participate in cycle 4 along with everyone else. I look forward to a deeper relationship with God and new connections with true worshippers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Praise God and bless you for your obedience, Dr. Celeste Owens.

  6. Tonya Gordon

    Good Morning and Happy New Year Fasters!! I am in VA outside of DC! I am so excited about this cycle of fasting. The last one blessed me so much I couldnt wait for this one to start. May God reveal, intercede, interject, remove, heal, deliver, and increase your blessings during this fast. I love you all and each of you are in my prayers!

    • Thanks Tonya! I, too, was super excited for the start of Cycle 4. I know God is going to do something outrageous for us all as we journey to The Other Side.

  7. Cynthia

    Good Afternoon. I am in Maryland and am so happy to be a part of the Surrender Fast. I have fasted in the past with wonderful results. I have decided to do a Daniel Fast in order to seek clearer guidance from God, especially in my purpose in life and in being a better steward over by health.

  8. Lady D

    Happy New Year! Dr. Celeste this is my first time taking the Surrender journey. From day 1 it has truly been an unveiling of the unexpected as the Father draws me in deeper. Im from Maryland but have invited a friend from Pittsburg who should also be joining. Im really enjoying your teaching on strongholds. So often between us reaching the ‘NewThings’ God has for us we must deal with those false beliefs that seek to impede our progress. Thanking God for your obedience!

    • Great point Lady D. I always love gleaming from your wisdom. Thank you for inviting your friend from PA. I pray she is enjoying the journey.

  9. Stephanie Nwokeuku

    Hello everyone. I am Stephanie Nwokeuku and I am in Waldorf, MD. I cannot say how blessed I am to be apart of this journey with all of you. Thank You.

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