Enough is Enough! Stopping Unbelief in it’s Tracks


The other day I had the pleasure of serving cupcakes to 16 kindergarteners as we celebrated my daughter Aaliyah’s 5th birthday. After the festivities had died down the teacher asked Aaliyah what she would like to be when she grows up.

I knew the answer and I sensed it wouldn’t go over very well.

“A Princess.”

Some of the kids laughed–Aaliyah looked at them puzzled–then the teacher quickly interjected, “and what else?”

And what else. Why does there need to be a something else?

Okay, sure, growing up to be a princess sounds pretty farfetched, but for Aaliyah that is her reality. And for reasons unknown to us she acts like a princess; she is ultra feminine. She insists on wearing skirts every day, she loves wearing lip gloss and nail polish, and she carries herself like a lady.

If Aaliyah can act like what she believes she will become, why can’t you?

For the last week or so we’ve declared that Enough is Enough! But ask yourself: Are you acting like Enough is Enough or are you going on with business as usual? If the latter, your belief in what God says He will do, may be weak.

As we heard today on the Morning Prayer Call unbelief plaques most Christians at one time or another. Sure, we all believe that God exists, but at times it’s hard to believe that He will do as He has spoken.

But the word reminds us, “God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” (Numbers 23:19).

Of course not! Every promise of the Lord comes to pass. Therefore act like you believe God. Stop complaining, whining, and worrying. Take action as He directs and do whatever He says to do.

Two years ago was the first time Aaliyah announced that she would grow up to be a princess. Both her older brother AJ and myself laughed, but something in my spirit felt uneasy. So now I don’t laugh.

Some of you are doubting what God has told you because others are laughing and they are insisting that you change your mind. But either you are going to believe God or please man, the choice is yours.

But if Enough is really Enough I believe you are going to chose to believe God. He can be trusted!

And as for me and my house, we choose to believe Aaliyah is going to grow up to be a princess :).

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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16 thoughts on “Enough is Enough! Stopping Unbelief in it’s Tracks

  1. Gayle

    How wise of you to listen to Princess Aaliyah! At 3 years of age she knew that she was a royal priesthood (I Peter 2:9). What a GREAT job you and Andel have done of giving your children the WORD!! Yes, we can have what we believe….so let’s continue to speak God’s Word into the atmosphere!!!

  2. Natalie

    I am believing GOD because Enough truly is Enough and I believe GOD. Not interested in pleasing man. Great message today and great prayer.

  3. Krisann Johnson

    WOW! is the word I have as I sit here in tears knowing the magnificent God we serve. I had just finished emailing my daughter God’s Words of encouragement, and I clicked over to the blog. I am excited that Aaliyah knows God through her parents, and has the Armour of God to take with her into school as she matures each year.

    My daughter is in Cuba fulfilling a dream she’s had of becoming a doctor since she was 6 years old; and she’s having a difficult time tearing down the walls of destruction. Do you mind Dr. Celeste if I send her a copy of your story regarding Aaliyah. I believe your story will inspire my daughter, and give her confidence to help in becoming free to be who she is. Communication in Cuba is better, and I can email her daily. It would be awesome if she (and others at the school) could hear the daily prayers. She knows about The Surrender Fast, but now I have to pray a way for her to get involved. I too am believing and trusting in God because yes, yes, yes; Enough is Enough!

    I thank God for your ministry Dr. Celeste because in these past eight days my relationship with God has plateaued where I couldn’t even imagine I could go. I’ve always wanted God “in my back pocket,” but I didn’t know it was like this–freedom never felt so good!

    The prayers are timely, powerful, and necessary; and I thank God for you and your ministry!

    Enjoy God’s Continued Blessings,

    Peace and Love

    • Hello Krisann,
      It’s great to hear from you! Of course you can pass along this story of Aaliyah on to your daughter. I pray it blesses her. Please let her know that I am proud of her and I pray that she completes the dream God put in her heart when she was 6.

      I knew I would be a psychologist at the age of 7 and God helped me to pursue that dream until it was a reality. I made lots of mistakes in college because I didn’t know my worth but I prayer your daughter and mine come to know God for themselves and let Him be their identity.

      Like you said, this experience, these 40 days with God is like no other experience. We gain freedom like we’ve never known when we surrender!

      Lastly, the Morning Prayer calls are recorded and available via our website: http://surrenderfast.com/Recorded_Calls.html. Maybe your daughter can listen that way.

      Be blessed!

      • Krisann Johnson

        Thank you Dr. Celeste for your comments. I will give my daughter the website, and pray she will be able to receive them. Thanks again for your ministry.

        I am so excited what God is doing! These strongholds are being broken! I have become stronger, wiser, and better: discipline and parenting has become easier, and with more consistency. Less guilt, loud voices, or arguing. Your ministry, Dr. Celeste, has encouraged and inspired me more than ever. I thank God for you and your team.

        Since January 1, I have been reading God’s Word daily, and will not go a day without listening to prayer. I have a 27 year-old and an 18 year-old, and it wasn’t until this ministry (God sure is an on-time God) that it came to me while I was writing this (literally now, I’m having a breakthrough) that I have been a “talking” parent, like a parrot–receiving and repeating information. I have a plethora of information in my head from books, people, places and things, scripture, information how to discipline children, and hidden information–all caged and jumbled inside my head, like a parrot, waiting to recapitulate the information that has been blocked in my mind for years causing stress, frustration, doubt, uncertainty, forgetfulness, and often pain.

        Oh, but thanks be to God for my breakthrough today, right now, for giving me the strength, courage, boldness, respect, love for myself, and the know-how, through Him through me, to be able to put into action; and marry all that information in my head to the joyfulness of my children, friends, family, community, and in the world. I am still having this breakthrough right now–I’ve been crying and laughing at the same time for awhile. I knew it was coming!! and God is having His way with me right now.

        I had been physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, and/or spiritually abused since the age of 3 until right before Christmas this year. I had been rejected, abandoned, didn’t have relationship skills, low self-esteem, no voice of my own, my opinions didn’t matter, lacked confidence, pleased everyone, was doubtful, looked for validation, wanted acceptance, and looked for love. God has revealed little by little to me of myself each year, for the past five years, and this is the first time my revelation has come the first of the year. Hallelujah! I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know when. God kept me!

        For 24 years, I carried a vision in my head daily of a silhouette hovering over me as I lay on a table. It was my aunt’s home, so in my mind, it was my cousin’s silhouette. I don’t recall when, but I was told that I was never left alone, so….and, I don’t recall anything else ever being addressed. My sister told me that our cousin used to try to “get” her but she would say something to him and run. I was told that I cried often and sucked my fingers, and ran away into books. God kept me!

        I met EL at the age of 12. During that time I had been physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, and spiritually abused, until one day I snatched the wobbly table leg from under its top, and beat his arm until I could beat no more. I was 24. God kept me!

        I had met my children’s father a month before breaking up with EL. We married, and for the next 17 years I was mentally, emotionally, verbally, and spiritually abused, until one day, enough was enough. We divorced. It was during that time, my heart opened, and I let God in. God kept me!

        The month my divorce was finalized, I “hung out” with RG, someone I grew up with, and liked in elementary school. More mental, verbal, emotional, and spiritual abuse. I am convinced it was God who kept me away from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, known-depression, or all the other addictive vices. Although, I had pain from my past deep inside. God kept me!

        All of those years, I can truly say that God kept me. I graduated from high school at the age of 16, the school counselor found me a full time job, I got an apartment with EL, went to business college, graduated from business college, broke up with EL, married and divorced the children’s father, enrolled in a master’s program, hung out with RG, and it was then when God revealed more of Himself to me. God kept me!

        I was listening to my answering machine one day, and my cousin had left a message on my machine saying, “Hey Cuz, I’m calling to say that I’m sorry for all the things I did to you when we were young.” Wow, I don’t even remember if he said, “Bye.” I was furious and hurt, “Coward.” It wasn’t until I saw him lying in a casket that I forgave him; it was the first time I saw him as a grown man. God kept me!

        Later that week, I was sitting in the family room. I don’t remember what I was thinking about, but I broke down and cried, and cried, and cried, and had a conversation with God. “God, who am I? Am I like my mother, am I like my father? Who am I?” I had been asking those questions for years because I had been at a complete lost. I don’t remember my mother or my father, or my sisters or my brothers, or my aunts, or my uncles, or my cousins, or my friends, or my neighbors, or the neighbor’s neighbor, or my friend’s friends, or those events with family and other people, I couldn’t tell you who was there and what we did; I don’t remember my daughter’s recitals or what I felt, or who I felt those feelings with, or what I said to those who said something to me, or my honeymoon, or the drive to another state when I moved away from home, my brother’s wedding, or even my wedding (I do remember that we couldn’t find our music, and it was in the cassette player; and I remember the thought as I sashayed down the isle wondering if I should get married). It is inevitable that I was around all of those people in all of those places, and I often thought that only a part of my spirit stayed with me to deal with all of the pain I had endured, but I didn’t know what to do. I needed all of my spirit. God kept me!

        I had know EL’s family for many years, and saw them as an opposite to mine (although, I don’t remember having conversations with them, going places with them, or doing anything in their home). He had a mother and a father, my father was gone; his home was clean, ours was cluttered; they had structure, we did not; they went (and took me) to church as a family, we did not; they had set rules and consequences, we did not. Hardly any of it I remember. God kept me!

        Most of the snapshots I have clouding my mind are painful thoughts like when my sister told me I was adopted; I think I believed it because I didn’t recall pictures of me, and I could not remember anyone. I have a snapshot of the time I was being pushed out of a moving vehicle–I hear no voices, don’t see a vehicle or know the street. I remember the gun to my head, but nothing else; I remember being left in the bar in another country on my honeymoon while my husband went to the pool hall, but nothing else; the children’s father telling me that he couldn’t pick our daughter up from dance because I was the one who put her in the class, but nothing else; or the argument that ruined a night because I said “God showed me this building,” but nothing else. More negative snapshots than positive. God kept me!

        That night in the basement when I had the conversation with God, He did reveal to me that I was His child, and that I am who I am now. I pondered on that for a few days, and realized that “I am who I am” is“ who I am, where I am now.” I had to leave my past behind and live in the present, but it was difficult to do. I learned to accept that, but I still struggled trying to figure out what to do with the memory block, and all the jumbled information scattered about in my mind. I do have a loving, happy spirit. People tell me that when I walk into a room, I light it up. I am always smiling and jolly. I love to read, write, and exercise. My family tells me I was a happy child, even though I cried all the time. God kept me!

        This is my breakthrough, wow, still crying and laughing, and it’s been hours–God is an awesome God! I feel so truly free. I’ve been battling with my mind for years, and this is the first time I’ve ever written about my past, so please forgive the lengthy comments (or story). I’ve always wanted to write about my life because it was amazing to me that I have not been able to remember the things that I should; or at least what I think should have been remembered. Ecclesiastes writes that there is nothing new under the sun, so I gained the courage to write Oprah on the Oprah Show to ask if she knew anyone with a memory block who grew up in a large family and could not remember any of them growing up—she hasn’t responded. I’ve often attempted to write, but have been unable to finish—it’s been painful. I’ve talked about it for years, trying to get people to understand that “I can’t remember.” And it’s been frustrating because people have not understood how devastating it has been for me. God kept me!

        My sister is the family genealogist, and we sat in her kitchen the other day reminiscing about helping the next generation become more successful than the generations past. I began to tell my sister how God has been healing me, and that He revealed to me last summer while at church that “He wanted to show me pain.” I wondered what that was about, because I know God is a just God and would not out-and-out hurt me; so I knew right away it was my pain he was going to show me. I couldn’t imagine how or what He would do. We also talked about my childhood, I was now ready to receive God’s blessings, and I got my pen and paper and started writing. I had no idea—I wrote down all the neighbors on the block, how I met my first boyfriend, and a variety of information that was pleasing to my ears. However, when I began to talk about EL and the abuse, my sister grabbed her chest, looked at me and said, “Wow, I feel it in my heart that your pain is there with him.” I said that it could be. God kept me!

        Today, I have finally been set free of the pain in my past. I have casted all of my cares on God. God has told me to write for years, and the fear has kept me from writing—and has almost kept me from writing today. I heard a voice tell me that this email was too long. I knew that wasn’t God’s voice, because He told me to write. If I had not been obedient, my breakthrough would have been that much further. I certainly did not intend to write my testimony, and I thank God that I did! I feel relieved that this stronghold has been released. I am keeping God!

        This is the beginning of the best relationship I could have ever had–with God. I can appreciate Jeremy 29:11 now and receive it with much more clarity and responsibility, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future…” God can sit back and watch all of what he has planned for me in my life. All he wanted me to do all these years was to read his Word, pray, and fast. He wanted me to trust him, and be obedient. I can honestly say that I have gotten out of the way, and I am completely ready to receive all of his Blessings. It is a process, and I’m ready for the challenge, and as long as I DO what the Word says, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will be okay. I am keeping God!

        Surrenderers, I am happy that all of you are part of this fast—it is definitely life changing. Thank you also for your testimonies that have helped me heal. I pray for each and every one of you as your breakthrough comes during this fast. Isaiah 58:6 has unlocked the key: “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?” Hallelujah! Dr. Celeste, you and your team are awesome. Thank you for the words of encouragement, scriptures, prayers, and most importantly your honesty, sincerity, and seriousness for God. All of which has held me more accountable in surrendering all to God. I lie prostate with my hands in the air—Enough is Enough!

        I thank you, I thank you, and I thank you,
        Peace and Love

      • Krisann, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story with us! Words can’t express how overjoyed I am with the deliverance you have received from God in 2013. It’s been years in the making but your time is NOW. The freedom you are experiencing is tangible, it jumps off the page in every word that you have written.

        This testimony will help many. I had the privilege of working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse for many years. Like you, there were whole chunks of time they couldn’t recall. I would have them bring in pictures and some of them could barely recognize their own faces.

        Thankfully, God allows us to repress certain painful memories until we are capable of handling them. You are an inspiration for anyone who’s fearful of allowing God let them deal with the pain. Through prayer, fasting and God’s Word we can overcome any and every thing! You are a living witness.

        Continue to “Keep God.” He can be trusted and He has the most awesome plan for you!!!

      • Krisann Johnson

        Thank you Dr. Celeste.

    • Gayle

      Hello! I am a member of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden and a member of the Foreign Missions team that ministered in CUBA (2005-2010). We met some young women who were American medical students in Cuba and also Christians! (perhaps one of them was your daughter?) At any rate there are some powerful Cuban Christians in the churches where we served (La Lisa was one of the churches). I will pray that indeed your precious daughter gets connected with one of those loving body of believers/disciples!

      • That’s awesome Gayle, I hope Krisann sees your response.

      • Krisann Johnson

        Greetings Gayle, and thank you for the information and your prayers. My daughter left for Cuba this past August 2011, and I will certainly give the information to her. Thank you.

  4. Ladyd

    So powerful! Who told us there needed to be ‘something else’ – right? That’s how we quickly find ourselves adapting and making adjustments to please others and what a snare that can be (been there – done that – from time to time still casting that one down.) I am truly blessed by this Surrender Fast. I have discovered I’m surrendering more than I planned (LOL), such as God inviting me at 5am to begin my time with Him. Whew! I didn’t plan for that but I “surrender”. The prayer calls, devotionals are always so timely and confirm what the Father has said to me in the quiet time. I so appreciate the teaching on strongholds & unbelief. I make a decision ENOUGH is ENOUGH and the things that I allowed in 2012 to hinder my progress, I choose to let go, embracing all that God has for me! Thank you Dr. Celeste.

    • Amen Pastor Deborah! This will be my mantra: ” I make a decision ENOUGH is ENOUGH and the things that I allowed in 2012 to hinder my progress, I choose to let go, embracing all that God has for me!” Yes!

      I am amazed at how whatever I’m experiencing the day before is addressed/confirmed the next morning by the Morning Prayer call and/or Devotional.

      We often laugh at how the Surrender Fast seems to be a set up. You surrender one thing than all of a sudden the landscape changes (based on what God is revealing) and other things are surrendered, like you extra hour of sleep! 🙂

      Be blessed and keep us posted on all that God is doing.

  5. Debra Schlaht

    Peculiar I am – always knew it and I am still peculiar today. Yesterday’s lesson made me think of Popeye – (even that is peculiar). At the end of each cartoon where he overcame his nemesis, he would say, “i yam what I yam and that’s all that i yam, I’m Popeye the sailor man”. Today I embrace ‘I am what I am – Debra, a daughter of the living King, beautifully and wonderfully made. What can man do to me?” I don’t always fit in man’s plan, but I do fit in God’s plan, will and purposes. That is what matters. Enough is enough of believing the lies of evil that Peculiar means useless and unworthy. Peculiar is unique, special and set apart. Wear the label proudly, for no one else is packaged in the same way for His service.

    • Debra, well said. And to quote Popeye…priceless! 🙂

      With all that we have going us because of Jesus Christ, “what can man do to us?” Nothing! What a blessing to know that we are children of the King.

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