Testimonies from Week 2 (Cycle 4) of Surrender Fast 2013

Thanks to all who have submitted testimonies. They are powerful! If you have a praise report please send it to testimony@surrenderfast.com.


I had carried the pain of physical, mental, emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse for years, and I had been praying and talking with God a long time asking him to show me who I am.  Within the past five years, God has been answering my prayers, revealing pieces at a time.  I had been reading God’s Word everyday since January 1st, the day after the Surrender Prayer, and each day I felt more of God’s presence inside be.  I knew a breakthrough was coming. The Surrender Fast ministry and its prayers, scripture, and encouraging words has helped me become free from the pain of my past–today.  Today is my breakthrough.  I have been set free!  I thank God for loving me, and showing me how to love myself!  Thank you Dr. Celeste and your team.  The journey has begun…


Good evening as I recap from the week I had to share this. First let me say this is my second time fasting with my new family, the Surrender Family and I thank God for each one of you and I pray God’s blessings over you. I’m a newly-wed; 12/31/2011 we were married. Yes we’ve been married one year. I joined for the first time in Sept during Cycle 3 and of course with this being my second marriage I want it to be “perfect” so God said You need to be submissive to your husband. Surrender to submit.I felt my spirit brace for the storm when I heard the prayer (Morning Prayer Call, Day 4) and STORMY WEATHER CAME AS PROPHESIED. On Saturday 1/5 God said, you had to go through your argument today so that you can see and face and admit to and stand up to the absolute fact that you are absolutely insecure down to your core.  I sulked all day, I prayed and I found the answer. I’m the problem; my thinking from old wounds and my being insecure.In conclusion, for Cycle 4 the theme for me “enough is enough” of my being insecure. So again Dr Celeste you have let God use you in a mighty powerful way and though I’ve  never met you I love you and thank God you are in my life.


Creating boundaries in my life is very important. I realize that I have put others needs in front of my own. While being helpful to others is a good thing, I have sacrificed my quality of living and struggled and if continuing on that path I will be no help to anyone.  Negative thoughts and my fears consume me. I often thought “my healing process” was complete. I was in an abusive relationship 10 years ago and I am not healthy as I thought I was. I need to “get right”.

Understand that my emotional trauma was more significant than previously believed. I can’t run away. God loves me completely and I know he loves me. There is no doubt or fear in that love. That is the love  I want to experience. It all begins with my mom. Her addiction and her behavior  left me defeated, feeling unloved and very distrustful of others. This led to my use of sex as a coping skill to feel the opposite of all of those negative emotions/wrong thinking. This also further my emotional detachment of using sex. While my relationship with my mother has improved (even after 20+ years of conflict), I still struggle with maintaining what belief of self -worth I do have. I do not want to get caught up in allowing how one’s value system dictating MY thinking and self-esteem. I have to create healthier boundaries, protect my limits.

I am giving up sex and sugar. At first, I thought it would be just sex, but I realized it has to be all of those things I use to cover my insecurities. While my sexual awareness has helped me become more comfortable with myself, it has also been how I avoided dealing with the emotional trauma of my youth. Those things that are the basis of really bad thoughts, feelings, habits (i.e. bad decisions). This is a weakness that prevents me from speaking and standing boldly on what I know. Scared to take calculated risks that led towards success ( mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.My personal relationship with my significant other has to improve. Outcome unknown is scary, but the Holy spirit is telling me I have to surrender the one thing I think keeps the glue in my relationship…..sex. I have to be truthful about my fears so they no longer hold me back. I can’t continue doing the same things, ignoring the things that need to be address and expect “happily ever after”.

This is real and I am scared. I am very sensually aware woman and in my relationship, it has been a big identifier of who I am. This thought process has led to insecurities, poor self- esteem. While my significant other states that our relationship is not driven sex, I don’t agree. I believe it’s a big part of our relationship, but am I wrong? What if I remove sex from the relationship, do I have a best friend as I believe my significant other to be? Would he be driven to have sex outside the relationship? How will the dynamic of relationship change? Is he “my forever”? How is the relationship part of God’s plan for me? I hope to have those answers revealed to me. Once revealed, I hope to have the courage to make the decisions I need to make, to surrender to God’s plan for me. ( I now know I do have that courage.) It takes more than your will to overcome those things that keep you negatively bound. God requires a cleanse temple and unwavering faith.

This requires discipline, commitment. Jesus was able to cast out the demon within because Jesus was physically, spiritually and emotionally in a place to do so. It takes 40 days of fasting. There is a process of detoxing, cleansing and building anew to do the extraordinary things I have been called to do. God can’t use me as I am. In the Pre-Fast, Dr. Celeste says 40 is a divine number. I will be 40 in 2013. I am on the run way ready for take off. My journey is just beginning.This fast is about taking a stand on the quality of life I want. Creating boundaries will ensure my safety physically, /mentally/emotionally and spiritually. I have been challenged many times to believe that there isn’t a God but I now know better than to question God. I have been tempted not to follow my holistic lifestyle, my eating habits, my physically fitness, not to protect my well-being.

I expect from this fast to become renewed in my commitment to live a healthy lifestyle. One that reflects the wonders of God and all of his blessings. To truly be an example to show and help others achieve the same oneness with God, to embrace their greatness. I am very motivated to complete this fast successfully , work through my lack of motivation to take time for me,  learn more about myself and becoming closer to God and His purpose for me. What I recognize from this fast already is that the message I am going to give others is what God’s message and it will change lives.  This fast has allowed me to concentrate on my wellness and that in turn has made me and those around me happier.

There is a newness in me already.  I feel it, so strong, so comforting. I have seen wonderful things and this is only Day 8. In Jesus name, I will be delivered from self-doubt, have a successful wellness practice, have strong, loving and long lasting relationships with my family and significant other. I will embrace my greatness and love every minute of it, in Jesus’ name.Thank you for taking time to read my testimony. This is an awesome experience.

I was severely attacked today!  Spiritual warfare in my relationship with Dwayne like I have never known. I have to thank God for delivering me from what I was trying to hold on too!  Pray for strength to stay free in Christ! God delivered me from emotional and mental abuse like I have never known in that relationship.  I give God all the glory!

For years I’ve been running from having a personal relationship with the Lord but since I’ve started the Surrender Fast I’ve giving up “social networking” and I’m now spending more time in God’s word and building a relationship with him.

The very moment Dr. Celeste talked about crossing over to the other side I encountered some major storms in my life.

1) I wanted to start back pursuing my college degree after stopping for 2 years but storm #1 brought on all these stumbling block and I got disappointed.

2) My only child – now 20months – Dad left us when I was 3 months pregnant and came back around a couple weeks ago trying to be in his life. But a couple days after I started the Surrender Fast he disappeared on us again storm #2.

3) Last Wednesday my boss held a meeting and said to me that I will be receiving a pay cut storm #34)

I had eager plans to move from my current place of living into a much nicer and cheaper environment for me and my son until storm #4 approached and said the place is no longer up for rent :

(5) At my church “House of miracle ministries” I received a prophecy about a case I have pending in immigration that it will be approved and just when I was rejoicing here came storm #5 and said more documents were needed to proceed.

6) Just when I thought there couldn’t be any storm left to hit me here came storm #6 my mom said she couldn’t take care of my son in Trinidad any more I had to send for him. He was suppose to spend the whole winter season there.

BUT God made a way that I was approve by another school in which there is childcare drop-in on campus. I received a call stating that a new job position has opened up with more pay and less hours for me, my immigration greencard has been extended for another year till the final approval and I now have a personal relationship with the Lord. AMEN!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Testimonies from Week 2 (Cycle 4) of Surrender Fast 2013

  1. Krisann Johnson

    Praise God Nakeisha! All the while I was reading your testimony, I just prayed, and knew that God is an on-time God, and that He would quiet your storm, and you would have Victory!!!! I was thrilled to read the ending. Congratulations on your new beginning!!!!! Peace and Love!

  2. Good afternoon! I began the 2013 fast, yesterday! I’m excited, believe it or not! Who would have thunk? Seeing the testimonies from ‘all of the ladies’ reaffirms that we’re all doing “the right thing!” Keep praying, and have a grrrrreat, grrrrreat day! Shalom!

    • And peace to you Angela! What you’re surrendering already for 2013?! I guess now is the time. All praise be to God for what He is doing in you even right now. I can’t hear the praise reports that will come from the Vann camp! 🙂 Be blessed my sister!

      • Although yesterday was the beginning day of the fast for me, a couple of things resonated in my spirit immediately: 1) “You shall be endued with power!” AND 2) “Out with the old, and in with the new!” And don’t you just know, I’m loving it? This is ‘The Year of Grace’ for those who dare to walk in it! I do, I do, I do! 🙂 AMEN, AMEN & AMEN! 🙂 Question: my intent is to substain from all meat! Does that include fish? Just wondering! Later…

      • Power! I have been studying that this Cycle. Amazing that that word also come to you! “This is the year of Grace.” I receive that, I will need it with all that God has outlined for the ministry in 2013. About the fish…it’s up to you (and God). He’ll tell you exactly what to give up. 🙂 Great things!!!

      • msangelalvann

        I am delighted for you! Can’t wait to get those reports! Enjoy the rest of your day! Shalom!

  3. Angela

    Good afternoon, Dr. Celeste! I will complete my first fast of 2013 on Friday! I’m excited! 🙂 This feels like a milestone, in some respects! A couple of ‘other’ things have happened since I last corresponded with you about this particular fast! One, I found myself searching the scriptures for more information on being filled with “the Holy Spirit AND being filled with “fire!” Two, I found myself going back and reviewing the teaching tapes [via YouTube] of spiritual greats Smith Wigglesworth, A.A. Allen, Dr. Lester Sumrall & Oral Roberts! I also began to learn more about spiritual greats Marie Etter Bloodworth, Aimee Semple McPherson & Kathryn Kuhlman! I don’t know what to say other than that a fire has been stoked within me to “give them shoes so that I can teach them to walk in my footsteps!” I say that humbly because none of us are walking this walk just for ourselves! We have skills/strengths/talents/abilities that we are to use as we walk in our purpose and destiny as kingdom ambassadors for God! Last year’s fast and this year’s fast have been so valuable in helping me to finetune my spiritual seeing and hearing, for it is time for all of us to be about our Father’s business — whatever that may be! To fellow fasters, the latter rain is about to fall! Get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready! 🙂 God bless you Dr. Celeste, for all that you are doing to help prepare us! I’ll probably do another fast; more than likely, about mid-year! Happy, happy Wednesday – already! Shalom!

    • All I can say is AMAZING!!! Sounds like you have been having an amazing time with the Lord. I am familiar with a few of the names you mentioned so I will go back and study some of the other “greats” in the Lord. “The Latter Rain is about to fall” amen. I’m ready. We are an army of strong believers ready to do God’s work. Keep on surrendering!

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