Testimonies – Week 5 of Cycle 4 (Surrender Fast 2013)

Here are a few testimonies from your fellow Surrender Fasters.

Nakeisha writes:

What a tremendous blessing the Lord has been to me throughout this fast. I was scheduled to appear before a judge in the Hyattsville Court House on Thursday 7th February 2013.

In my previous years I made some wrong choices when it came to relationship. I was involved with a guy for a couple years who was living with a woman. They were not married, but had kids together.

A couple years ago I decided this life wasn’t for me so I moved on, but we remain friends till this day. Unfortunately every time his kid’s mother couldn’t find him she assumed he was with me, but her assumptions were always wrong. The unknown phone calls started coming to my phone on a regular basis until one day she slipped and called me but forgot to block her number.

My childish behavior kicked in and I started responding to her stupidity. She filed a complaint. The court was charging me for telephone misuse and some other charge. For those who don’t know these are considered criminal misdemeanors; $500 fine or jail time if found guilty.

When I received my summons to go to court I was 2 weeks into the Surrender Fast of cycle 4. I brought it before the Lord and asked the Lord to forgive me for entertaining the enemy and for even allowing me to indulge myself in stupidity and declared that he should fight this battle for me.

Yesterday’s title (DAY 29) read THE GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. That evening I received a phone call directly from the court stating that this case in dismissed and I no longer need to appear on February 7th.  AMEN!!!!

Wilma writes:

First of all I want to thank God for his work in my life. On the previous Cycle 3, I wanted to end a relationship of 5 years and it was hard.  But as soon as I
put it in God hand and had the surrender family praying for me, I started to see the change in my life as of December 23, I ended that relationship and have
been celibacy every since and I feel very happy and grateful to God.

Now that I started Cycle 4, I asked God for my Daughter relationship with her live in boyfriend. She was very sad and not knowing what to do about him because they have a baby together.  Well the prayers worked so fast I shocked.  There was an incident between my daughter and her boyfriend. At that my daughter said enough is enough. “Pack your bags you are going back with your mom!”   On  January 23 he took him back to New York. She has a baby sister and she is less stressed.  I’m proud of her and most of all I love my Surrender Fast family because they have taught me how to surrender my life to God and every since I been doing that I have seen so many changes in my life and I so happy.  I’m so have because now we have a celibacy free home.  My home belongs to God. We have had enough suffering and that has stopped because enough is enough.  I will not let the enemy take control of my House Ever Again.

 Lisa writes:

My prayer was never for a financial explosion. But God.

In Cycle 3 I received over $10,000 of unexpected money that was given to us. This is my second time fasting with you and for Cycle 4 I prayed for my mind to be loosed from  insecurities, which God has done by keeping my mind on him. Confirmation was from my Pastor last Sunday when he preached that we should think on these things… Things that are pure, true, lovely, etc. I just praised God for the breakthrough of a free SECURE mind set by keeping my mind stayed on him! But Dr Celeste God has done it again in Cycle 4. I received a $5000 bonus from my job!  I never received a bonus in my life. Again it’s during the 40-day Surrender fast that I receive financial explosions! Thank you Lord! Thank you for this powerful Fast!

Lori writes:

This is Day 19 and the end of week 3 and I can’t even begin to tell you the changes God is doing in me. I felt like I needed to share my testimony
yesterday but of course that old self the procrastinator said, it ‘s not that big of a deal. I knew that was a lie because God has been showing me at every
turn , you’ve found the root of that stronghold. I initially gave up fear (the root of many other strongholds in my life) sugar and unhealthy eating but as the fast has gone on he has continued to reveal so many other things. First, he literally ordered my steps to this fast.

On December 31st I went to a scheduled for doctor’s appointment for so I thought but shortly after I signed in they informed me I had missed my appointment by 15 minutes and of course it’s New Years Eve so they have to reschedule me but that wasn’t why I went . So as I am sitting waiting for them to call me there’s a beautiful sister sitting across from me we speak and I notice she’s reading the word and another book . I asked her (shout out to you Karen I thank God for you!) if she was reading something good and she shares with me the Surrender Fast and book and I immediately know it’s God. I had been talking to God about my New Years fast and I realized the day before, that the fast I had been taking a part of the last couple of years doesn’t start at the first of the year but God was telling me to start Jan 1st, anyway I got up and only had a cup of tea that morning, before going to the Dr. Lord I hear you! I went straight home got on the website and ordered the book and began the fast, I knew God had something for me.

This week as Dr. Celeste ministered on dealing with our trauma and putting away childish things, I asked my self, what trauma did I experience? Nothing came to mind immediately, it took about a day and The Lord gave me a breakthrough. He reminded me that while a teenager, my mother, a strong woman of God, suffered from mental illness. I can’t say what it was specifically because, as a child I wasn’t privy to that. But most of my teenage years I was without my mother because she was in and out of the hospital. So to make a long story short, my Sophomore/Junior year I was in a cotillion my Mom wasn’t there, I went to senior prom my mom wasn’t there, I graduated from high school my mom wasn’t there. That was traumatic for me! But now the enemy has been exposed that was the root of the fear in my life and the struggle I have had in relationships as well, especially with other women. Praise God everything done in darkness comes to light. So God confirmed it yet again , testify, as I went to the devotional this morning and the Word reminded me , we overcome by the
blood and the word of our testimony!!!! I am going to keep overcoming and keep testifying!!! Fear can’ t hold me any longer. Look what The Lord has done!!! It is marvelous in his eyes and I know the best is yet to come!!! Thanks cannot sufficiently express my gratitude Dr. Celeste, Surrender Intercessory Prayer Team and
Family. We are bound together in the spirit, stay encouraged and continue your journey to freedom in Christ!!! Love you all much!!

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