Cycle 5: The Pre-Fast Preparation Begins Today!!!

Hello and Welcome to the Pre-Fast Preparation portion of Cycle 5 of Surrender Fast 2013!!!

To Newcomers, three times per year (New Year’s, Lent, and Early Fall) we fast as a corporate body. Cycle 5 marks the second cycle of fasting for 2013.

To All, thank you for joining us! We are excited about the changes that will take place in your life because of your surrender.

Again, this week we are Pre-Fasting. The Pre-Fast Preparation chapters are found in The 40-Day Surrender Fast Devotional. The first chapter is titled, “Let God Do a New Thing!” 

“Do not remember the former things,
Nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:18-19)

This Pre-Fast week is designed to slow you down so that you are able to hear from God clearly especially as it relates to what you are to surrender for the next 40 days.

As some of you know, this Cycle we implemented a new initiative: Connector Groups. A Connector Group Leader extends an invitation to those in his/her social network to fast with him/her for Cycle 5. We are excited to announce that to date 25 Connector Groups have been formed. The groups range from 3 members to 38; no group is too small or too large. In fact, we are praying for 1000 Surrender Fasters for Cycle 5 so your efforts are helping to make this vision a reality.

The Connector Group Leaders are:

Sonya Peebles, Pastor Deborah Evans, Karen Ward, Elisa Gilmore, Anissa Wilson, Stacie Gatling, Faye Harrison, Natalie Lee, Madeline Person, Keisha House, Shantelle Coleman, Pastor Matthew and First Lady Darlene Gallashaw, Ynolde Gillan, Lori Bledsoe, Cheretta Blue, Kumba Sankoh, Joy Briscoe, Donna Bronner, Jennifer McKoy, Darlene Claiborne, Charmelle Clark, Tonia Williams, Tiffany Pittman, Sharon Renee Taylor, Armeana Street.

If you would like to start a Connector Group please REGISTER online.

Also, if you would like to join us for Cycle 5 please REGISTER here.

We are looking for a mighty move of God. Expect him around every corner, in your conversations, while walking, driving, or in silence. God is speaking and He has much to share with you!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

Morning Prayer resumes Feb. 18, 7am (EST), M-Th. Theme of Cycle 5: Mastering the Art of Contentment.

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18 thoughts on “Cycle 5: The Pre-Fast Preparation Begins Today!!!

  1. Kia

    I wasn’t going to do Cycle 5, but God ‘nudged’ me to do so. I didn’t know what the theme was going to be. Seeing today it is “Mastering the Art of Contentment” I am very excited! This is definitely a ‘new thing’ I need God to help me with 🙂

    • Kia, so glad you are with us for a 2nd round! 🙂 I believe you will be blessed by the teaching. In preparation for the teaching I’ve been both blessed and challenged. So get ready!

    • Sonya

      WOW, tonight I just can’t stop praising him. Enemy churning all around, but God. I thank you for what you’re doing and how you’re preserving me Lord! God Jesus! I will lift my hands and worship Lord I’m free, Lord I’m Free. Free to dance……..feeling good right about now yet content in my space.

  2. This will be my first cycle and I am so excited. I am thankful that a dear friend told me about. Excited to see what God has in store for me next. Still in the process of completing a 40-day full fast, so this cross-over is just perfect.

    • Hi Charmelle, Tara emailed me about your participation. Welcome aboard! And not only are you fasting with us, you’ve started a Connector Group!!! Thanks for your willingness to share the Surrender Fast experience with others. Please keep us posted on your progress.

      • All I can talk about is the Surrender Fast to anyone who will listen. I have a Facebook group who is following me on my journey regarding my fast. I will continue posting on the page re the Surrender fast. If they don’t join this time, someone may join next time. One never knows what the power of speaking can do.

      • Thanks for passing the word Charmelle! If those that are reading about your fasting experience on FB want to fast all they need to do is the Pre-Fast and start Day 1 on any Monday of their choosing. They follow along in the Surrender Fast Devotional and listen to the recorded Morning Prayer calls. In fact, each cycle we have plenty of people that are a week or two behind us. Thanks again for empowering others to draw closer to God!

  3. Kesha

    This will be my first time involved with the surrender fast. I am a bit anxious as to where God will lead me, especially knowing that ‘Mastering the Art of Contentment” is an area where I need work. I’m putting my seat belt on and getting ready for the ride.

    • Welcome Kesha! The unknown tends to raise our anxiety, but if you follow this fast faithfully you will experience an awesome time with God. In fact, beyond what you imagined. So get ready, get ready, get ready! 🙂

  4. Amira

    My first Surrender Fast and I’m so excited! I’m a single mother of three (19, 14, 9), recently divorced, just got laid off due to a merger, recently left my old church after 12+ years. Lots of transition. Looking forward to seeing God in a whole new light and Him revealing HIS purpose for my life. I also am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. So health issues are always a concern. I’m right on the cusp of a major shift and I believe this fast is what I need to get me over.

    • Welcome Amira! Yes, lots of transitions. Be prepared to hear from God and move as He instructs. No matter what don’t give up; succeed to the finish and watch God show up in a major way in your circumstances.

      • Amira

        In reading some of the testimonies and the book, there are so many areas I have in common with you and the other fasters that I know I need to surrender. I’m going to keep it in prayer and know that God will direct me. I am a bit nervous because He is uprooting stuff I didn’t even realize was down there! The “I am not good enough” part in the Pre-Fast hit me hard. That’s me! The timid and fearful attitude got me too. I know that these areas are hindering me from being my authentic self. It’s like God has literally thrown me into the fire so I can burn away all that stuff because of what he needs for me to do. I go to FBCG too and the message on Sunday about character was on point. With all of this transition I’m in, it’s the perfect time for God to do what He needs to do in me to get me to that next level in every area. Whoo Saahh! LOL It’s just good to know that I’m not alone in this journey. Thank you Jesus!

      • Thank you Jesus is right!!! You can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens you! He will get you to the point where you and bold and courageous. You are going to do His will and live His good plan for your life. I am praising God in advance for what He will do for you as you surrender.

  5. Krisann Johnson

    OMG, round two, and I’m a bit nervous. Cycle 4 was awesome, and God had done much more than I could have ever imagined. He’s not finished with me yet, and I lay my prayer requests before God and wait in expectation for more blessings during Cycle 5. I went through some hurdles during Cycle 4, AND…? By focusing, reading and meditating on His Word, I’ve learned to focus more on “Now What” in situations than on the situations themselves. I wouldn’t have been able to do that this past December. My life has dramatically changed!! WOW…Thank you God!!

    I too welcome the new comers because you’re getting ready to embark on an unforgettable journey most definitely worth taking–Put on your armor and climb aboard the J(esus)-Train, and get ready to receive your Blessings!

    • Thanks Krisann! God has changed you in a major way and I thank Him for that! And still…the best is yet to come! Thanks too for welcoming the new comers. They are in for the experience of their lives!!! 🙂

  6. Good Morning!! This is my 2nd fast with you and I am extremely excited. The transformation has ALREADY begun and I am hungry for the next 39 days! I was so tickled to hear that we are both surrendering financial stewardship – – God is so funny! So thankful for this opportunity to be called into His presence and will for my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love you all much!

    • Adrienne, you’re back for another round?! 🙂 Praise the Lord. Wow, we are both surrendering finances. Let’s hold one another accountable. The goal is a fully surrendered wallet…truth be told it all belongs to God so He should dictate our stewardship especially in the area of finances. Be blessed my sister and Love you too!!!

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