Cycle 5 Starts Today–Where in the World are the Surrender Fasters?

where are you

Welcome to Cycle 5 of Surrender Fast 2013! Today marks the first day of our 40 days of surrender.

I am excited for what God is doing now and will do for you in the days to come. Expect Him everyday: look for Him around every corner, hear Him speak out of the mouth of babes and strangers,  believe that He wants to do something new in you!

Our theme this cycle is: “Mastering the Art of Contentment.” I am determined in the next six weeks to LEARN to be content. Yes, contentment is a process and something that you learn over time.

Paul spoke about this in Philippians 4:11. He wrote, “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.” How can he be content in every circumstance? The secret is Christ. For we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Believe you me, contentment is not an easy concept to grasp especially in a world that assures you that more stuff guarantees more happiness. This philosophy is damaging to the spirit. Instead of seeking first the kingdom of God we seek things and stuff. Instead of seeking God’s presence we seek His presents. In the end it’s all vanity as King Solomon so aptly warns us. So if you desire to be content in every circumstance stick with us for the next six weeks. You will find lasting joy that will carry you through any and every of life’s circumstances.

Also, the Surrender Fasters are a diverse group. We are represented by 28 states (AL, CT, CO, DC, FL,  GA, IL, IN, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NH, NM, NJ, NY, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI), Trinidad & Tobago and Cameroon, Africa. It’s a revolution; we are creating an army of committed, powerful believers!

Andel and I are surrendering our finances. That means for the next six weeks we are on a fixed income. We desire to be good stewards of the money God has entrusted to us.

What about you? Where are you from and what are you surrendering this Cycle? Please comment below.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

A few Instructions to enhance your fasting experience:

1. Join us for Morning Prayer. Or listen to the Recordings.

2. Follow this blog.

3. First time fasters should read The 40-Day Surrender Fast. There is a devotional chapter for each weekday. This will help you get the most from your fasting experience.

4. Surrender 1 maybe 2 things for 40 days (unless otherwise instructed by God). Surrendering too much at one time will overwhelm you.

5. Join us for the Weekly Wrap-up Show featuring the Inspirational Moment by Pastor Donald Chisholm (The Latter Rain Cathedral, Lockport, NY). This call is every Friday at 12noon (EST).

Questions? Email Stephanie at

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41 thoughts on “Cycle 5 Starts Today–Where in the World are the Surrender Fasters?

  1. Tiffany

    I am so excited! I am surrendering my heart and my eating habits. I will also be fasting from TV. I will be delivered from anxiety and gluttony. I believe it and receive it!!

  2. Jacqueline Younger

    I too am excited about my first Surrender Fast! Please keep me lifted up for strength and my quiet time with God.

  3. Chandra Brooks

    I am excited I am taking this step. Through this fast I want to revive the hunger and thirst I had for the word.

  4. Asha Whiteside

    I am surrendering sugar and social media and gossip sites. The Lord has put it on my heart that I waste too much time on those. This is my first time fasting. My husband is joining me on this fast and he is surrendering pork.

    • Amen Asha, social media sites can still much of your time. One cycle I surrendered FB/Twitter for the same reason. Please tell your husband I said “Welcome to Cycle 5.” 🙂

    • Jackie

      God Bless you Asha and Fred! Trust in God For your Strength!
      Love u much Mom

  5. Natalie

    Good Morning Dr. Celeste, we are at 30 and climbing I have two people from DC, four from Atlanta, one from Alabama, one from Memphis, one from Oklahoma, one from Colorado and the rest from Minnesota. Too funny, I love how God moves. Blessings!

  6. Karen

    Hello My name is Karen from Arnold Mo. I feel like I am in the wilderness and waiting on God to move in my life. I came upon your Surrender Fast site after praying for God to lead me. I feel such a big void in my life and want to feel the move in my life with the Holy Spirit and want to know where to start.

    • Hello Karen, God has led you to the right place. Don’t worry about where to start just stand still; just surrender. Simply allow God to minister to you over the days and weeks to come. He loves you so much. He knows what you have been through and where He is taking you. There have been so many others on this fast who felt just like you do right now and God has healed them. I hope some of them will greet you and encourage you in your faith. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

  7. Chiwon

    I will surrender procrastination and slothfulness and giving up sweets. I intend to be at every destination 15 minutes prior to my appointment, work, church etc. I feel like this is just the beginning of taking control of my life and making things happen instead of just letting life happen. I have a spirit of expectation whose thirst must be quenched.

    • Love it Chiwon! This is only the beginning. Your surrender is causing a shift in the atmosphere that is allowing God’s supernatural power to work in your life and circumstances. Your best is yet to come!

      • Chandra Brooks

        In my quiet time with the Lord I realized that I am need to overcome the root of fear in my life. I see areas it has deprived me of things.

      • Yes Chandra, fear will do that. Thank God for that revelation. Keep on seeking Him for more truth.

  8. Lisa Williams

    I will be surrending from my diet bread and from my life style Impatience. Sometimes my daily routine, taking care of my disable mother and my children one who has ADD makes me a bit crazy. I need to learn to be content with my situation and more organized for my family. I love the Lord and I realize that it is only GOD who has kept me this far. This fast will be a struggle for me but I am ready to take this journey with you all. I can not make the calls in the morning but I do listen to it via the web. Lisa W.

    • Lisa, so good to hear from you!!! You all, Lisa was truly a good friend to me when I was in college; she is also my sorority sister.

      You have a lot going on and I know it has been nothing but God’s grace that has kept you this far. The amazing thing about grace is that when we get out of the way and allow God’s grace to empower us completely, we are able to do the impossible with EASE. If you stick with the Surrender Fast you will start to exhibit such peace and patience that people won’t recognize you. 🙂 Just let God have complete control! I am praying for you Sis and praising God for the ways He will bless you during your time of surrender.

  9. LaQuita Davis

    I am so grateful that my “destiny partner” invited me to join the Surrender Fast. Not even 3 official days into this cycle, God is working on me like never before…even in my sleep! I am surrendering negative thinking and the “want or desire” to be in control. The prayer call this morning blew me away with the definitions of a “want/desire” and a “need/requirement”. I have suffered with depression since before I can remember and I now realize that healing was available to me right from the beginning. I walked around in the wilderness (doctor after doctor, pity party after pity party, blaming everyone and everything)not realizing that God was waiting on me to seek HIM. I have been on this journey of growing my relationship with Christ since I was 29 and at now at 32, I am right where I need to be mentally for this fast to be effective. It took some maturing in Christ to get here but I am so ready to move beyond where I am!! Thank you for the support that is continously available to me. Thank you for my extended spiritual family. I am expecting the unexpected. Enough is Enough!!!!

    • Tiffany

      Woohooooo Go Laquita!!! God is amazing!

    • Yes, it’s all about timing. God has everything that we need and gives it to us in His timing.

      Okay, let me be the first to admit that this teaching is blowing me away. How many times have I said “I need” without even thinking if it’s a need or not? Or if it is what God desires for me. My family is on a financial fast this cycle. I am on my way to the grocery store, but the approach is different this week because I can only buy what I need. Whew, this is requiring a full mindset change! 🙂

      Lastly, so glad you are on this journey with us. I am excited for what God is doing in your life. Your best days are the rest of your days…bye-bye to fear, depression, anxiety…hello to joy, peace, and abundance!

  10. Rashida Brown

    Good morning! What a blessing this fast is! I am surrendering the habit of smoking and God has revealed to me that my habit is so much more than just the act of smoking but a crutch and a distraction from the purpose and plan that He has for my life and my children’s lives. My time with God each morning has led to my day being more God-focused, my actions to be more God-guided and my life overall to be more God-centered! Thank you Dr. Celeste for sharing this wonderful fast with us and Pastor Deborah Evans for inviting me to join her Connector group. I am AMAZED at what God has done in this short time and I am thankful to be a part of it! God is shifting my attitude and I am giving him ALL the glory and after 40 days I WILL NOT STOP!!!

    • Yes Rashida, surrender is a lifestyle! I love what you said because you give time to God each morning your day is more God-focused, as well as your actions. It’s amazing how a little act of surrender changes your entire life! First Lady Malinda Chisholm prayed this morning for a prayer request we received from a lady who also wants to stop smoking. I am praying for your both, God can do it. I pray that He takes the desire from you. And to think that smoking is a habit that is keeping you from your purpose…smoking as got to go!!! Keep us posted on your progress. I will thank Pastor D for sharing the Surrender Fast with you. Be blessed!

  11. Wow! To live with a mindset that has learned to be content in whatever circumstances. Powerful teaching this morning. Mastering the Art of Contentment reminds me of the Psalmist who said “Because the Lord is my shepherd – I shall not want – I shall not lack anything.” Our shepherd will provide for and care for us His sheep. Father help us to rest in, & find contentment in your continual care for our lives!

  12. Sheia

    I am excited about the outcome of this fast, i ave fasted many times even completed a 40 day fast. this is my first time experiencing a surrender fast, its a new experience for me. i expect to draw from this experience a closeness with God, i also expect to be delivered from the spirit of procrastination, fear of, and lack.

    • Welcome Sheia! The beauty of the Surrender Fast is that from the Pre-Fast God gets up close and personal. The Word reads, “draw close to me and I’ll draw close to you.” I love the power of Surrender! I pray you continue in it, and reach new heights in the Lord!

  13. Sophia Magloire

    My plan was to surrender procrastination but when it was time to write down what I was going to surrender,I wrote down my finances which to me is a double win because taking care of my finances mean I would have to stop procrastinating… God is sooo Good….

  14. Andrea

    Hello I was told about this fast via a friend and I’m excited about where my mind and relationship with God is about to go. This is my first surrender fast and I’m surrendering my addiction to sweats. During the pre fast readings I realize that I eat more sweats than I read my bible but if diabetes came I would be calling on God to change the diagonises therefore I’m giving my sweats to God and expecting education and growth with my households finances

  15. Kia

    I just wanted to share a short testimony…this is my second time participating in the fast. I fasted from fear in Cycle 4, and can’t say I completely conquered it, but I am growing. I am still coming to grips with what God wants me to surrender this time, but I know I am growing. Case in point, I am a shy person. An introvert. Even in modern technology. I am not a prolific Tweeter or FB poster, but I’ll say something every now and then. I’ve been participating in a paid webinar series on how to do direct mail fundraising (I am a fundraiser by profession), but this is a new area. On the last day (today), all participants had to share their ‘products.’ My biggest fear was mine would be terrible. Long story short, the instructor basically told me to start over. Trash what I developed and start over…I think the ‘old me’ (or at least pre-fast me) would have been mortified and maybe even indignant when I hung up the phone. But I laughed. I laughed, thanked him for the feedback and was not embarrassed. I was moved to send this testimony b/c that was an uncharacteristic response for me. My heart was pounding before my letter was read, and I thought I would be mortified if it was it was negatively critiqued. Now I will say the instructor was gentle, BUT in illustrating what he would suggest I do, everyone did hear the crumpling of paper over the telephone! But God. It had to be Him. I believe the time I have spent in the morning, on the prayer calls, every morning is strengthening me. Has this fast been making a difference in my life/in me? I may not have been sure before, but after that call, I say a resounding Yes! Just felt like sharing 🙂 Kia

    • From one introvert to another, I understand! So I know that God allowed you to laugh at the critique. I praise Him for your growth! As you stated it’s a process; keep learning and growing. Be blessed and thanks for sharing!

  16. LaQuita Davis

    Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have!! “O our God, we thank you and praise your glorious name! Life is full of blessings that we take for granted. I read something that said, ” Don’t be happy about the people or things in your life…take glory in them. Celebrate them. Be in awe of them.” What do you take glory in? Today I am taking glory in God giving me another opportunity to do his will. Be encouraged Surrenderers!!!

    • Yes, gratitude is a major part of being content. Also, you gave me reason to pause…”take glory in the people in my life.” That’s huge. I think I will go in the family room and give my husband and kids a BIG hug! 🙂

  17. jennifer

    So thankful that I started this fast! I surrendered the tv and I’m finding that God wants me to learn to forgive those who have wronged me. As I’m readingthe Word in place of the tv,I’m craving God’s presence and He’s even coaxing me to read….he just gives me nudges! Its not much,but I’m grateful for anything!

    • That’s one thing I find so amazing about this fast…you give up one thing and get so much more in return. Sitting quiet before the Lord is really paying off for you! What a blessing to have this time with Him. You say, “it’s not much” to the contrary, this is HUGE! Be blessed.

    • Andrea

      Hi Jen

      I’m surrendering sweets and just like u stated u crave God it’s weird how I find myself running to be fed with gods word to channel my temptation in another direction which is him.

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