Name Dropping: Who’s Talking about You

name dropping

“My name is dropped in unusual places.”

Those are the words spoken by Sundra Ryce in her highly motivating, spoken-word CD “Confessions of an Incredible Life.”

Elisha, the prophet of God can testify that Sundra’s declaration is true. His name was dropped in an unusual place.

In 2 Kings 5 a young Israelite girl being held captive in Aram, had a life-changing conversation with her master’s wife. When this girl heard of Naaman’s illness she said to her mistress, “If only my master would see the prophet was is in Samaria! He would cure him of his leprosy.”

Naaman believed this little girl and made the long trek to Israel. There he met up with Elisha, the prophet of God. And there this powerful Aramean captain received his healing and became a believer.

Aram and Israel were rarely on speaking terms so Naaman meeting Elisha would have been unlikely. But God. Because God had a plan, Elisha’s name was dropped in an unusual place.

Like Elisha, God has a plan for you! Your name is being dropped in unusual places. Your gift is making room for you and will bring you before great and mighty men. Therefore stop working in your own strength and trying to force God’s plan to come to pass in your timing.

Trust God. Believe Him at His word. He plans to prosper you by dropping your name in some unusual places. Rejoice for God’s plan is coming to pass in your life!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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2 thoughts on “Name Dropping: Who’s Talking about You

  1. Lori Bledsoe

    Wow!!!!! I just love how God confirms His promises and blessings!!! Just a week ago this past Sunday, it was the Sunday prior to the Surrender your Personality Seminar (which was absolutely Awesome!!, I was blessed) A Brother at my church stopped me after service to tell me that he was at a Regional DC Metro Meeting for a nationwide federal government professional group that I was previously a member of and he also is a member of and the President mentioned my name as having done a wonderful job with some previous training I provided them. It was so unexpected and random or so I thought…to think they had mentioned my name there, but God was working!!! I had the opportunity to touch base with the President and offer to conduct training in the future. Our gifts do make room for us!!! To God Be all the Glory!!

    As I continue my post cycle 5 fast, day 16, I am believing the same to occur with my youngest daughter, Loreal as we are awaiting her debt free college tuition/basketball and academic scholarships to be manifested at a school chosen by God, just for her for this fall! and for my oldest daughter Simone, to fully surrender her life to God , so His plan can come to pass for her life. Both praise God attended the seminar learned a lot about themselves and enjoyed it! As your most recent post shared Everything that concerns us concerns Him and In His Eyes Its Already a Done Deal!!

    • Wow, your name was dropped in an unusual place! I love how God works. Your gift is making room for you and I look forward to watching you soar!

      Keep on believing for debt-free tuition. I didn’t have to pay any of my tuition and I have 3 degrees (not bragging just making a point) :).

      I am glad that your daughter’s enjoyed the “Surrender Your Personality” session. Next time we will have to have your hubby out! 🙂

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