A Goldfish’s Second Chance: What Concerns You, Concerns God


Sunday morning we discovered that our son’s goldfish was sick. AJ watched with tears in his eyes as his goldfish clung to life. In that instant I told AJ that we should pray.  After the prayer I checked the filter only to discover that I had neglected to clean both parts of the filter; one section was clogged with debris (now we know why the other fish died last week). I readily cleaned it and then we waited.

About 30 minutes later AJ ran to me and exclaimed “Ma come look at my fish!” What I found amazed me. That little goldfish was swimming in his tank like nothing had ever happened.

Praying for a goldfish may seem trivial, but I’ve learned that no situation is too small for God. What concerns me, concerns Him.

The same is true for you. Give all that concerns you over to God.  The scripture instructs “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). No matter is TOO small for God because what concerns you, concerns Him!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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3 thoughts on “A Goldfish’s Second Chance: What Concerns You, Concerns God

  1. Thanks for the message. I needed this today. I was feeling a little discouraged and overcome today. Thanks for reassuring me that God is concerned about not only the big things but the small things too.

    • You are welcome Detra. We all have those moments and I love how God shows up to remind you that everything that concerns you concerns Him. Be encouraged, it shall come to pass!

      • Thanks. Today’s wasn’t a good day and your message was right on time. I did however end up picking myself up and the day got better. I took some time out and spent the rest of the day with Dallas. We had a blast.

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