Walk Your Way to Better Health

Submitted by Stephanie Davis
Hello Surrender Fast Family!Temperatures are rising and in some areas it’s already a blazing beauty of sunshine. So now is the time to get some fresh air and stretch those legs for a bit of exercise.

Some think only runners get great exercise, but contrary to popular belief walking is good too. In fact, it may be one of the best ways to get into great shape and help us maintain good health.

According to Meghna Mukerjee of The Times Of India–Health and Fitness, experts are of the opinion that walking is better for your knees and joints as compared to running. It leads to fewer injuries and is also said to be a good beginner workout.

Mukerjee list  several benefits of walking in his article Health Benefits of Walking:

    • Walking regularly at a good speed improves your muscle strength and endurance.
    • Walking is known to reduce your blood pressure and improve your blood circulation.
    • Walking is a great way to strengthen your bones.
    • Walking about 30 minutes a day increases your bone density and slows down bone loss in your legs.
    • Walking promotes mental well-being and reduces stress.
    • Walking 150 minutes per week reduces type 2 diabetes.
    • Walking reduces colon and breast cancer

Motivating, right? So instead of hanging indoors get out and go for a brisk walk and enjoy some of Gods’ natural beauty

Here’s to your health,

Stephanie Davis
Executive Administrative Assistant to Dr. Celeste Owens
There is still time to register for our next event Surrender Your Void. June 1, 1-4, Largo Community Church. Hope to see you there!
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