Surrender Advances You


Surrender is the act of giving oneself over to the power of another. Not a position many of us want to be in however, in the spiritual realm a full surrender is necessary.

Do you want to prosper in the things of God? Surrender.

Want to live out your purpose and fulfill God’s plan in the land of milk and honey? Surrender.

“Surrender advances you” is a powerful statement made by my friend and destiny partner Pastor Deborah Evans, Certified Life Coach.

Do you hear that? When you give up YOUR way, YOUR rights, and YOUR selfishness, you GAIN God’s grace, forgiveness, power and grace to live the abundant life He intended for you since the beginning. In other word, you advance.

Many of you are trying to advance, but by your own efforts. Stop the madness. There is a better way; God has a better plan. In fact, He longs to reveal His plan for your advancement, but He needs your full cooperation. He needs your humility. He needs your surrender.

Therefore, cry out to God. Let Him know how much you need Him and how much your life if unfulfilled without His presence.

And I guarantee when you do, you advance.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

Your comments are welcome. I would love to hear how your surrender has advanced you!

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