Moving Forward


I had the pleasure of speaking to the Singles Ministry of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden this past weekend. I shared with them the 3 Heart Attitudes that hinder our forward movement: Discontentment, Desperation, and Disobedience.

During the session I shared personal examples of how my full surrender to God has advanced me. As a single I dated all the wrong guys. Finally–when I got to the end of myself–I surrendered my dating life to God and about 6 months to the day I met Andel, my soulmate and destiny partner.

Here’s another example. During the final year of my doctorate I needed to complete a year long internship in order to graduate. I worked hard to find an internship in my preferred location (Maryland). Please note that I wrote, “I worked hard.” To my horror, I didn’t get an internship in Maryland after months of applications and interviews. Finally, I put up the white flag and surrendered my choice of internship placement to God. Within a day I was appointed to the Chicago Area Christian Training Consortium. It turned out to the perfect internship for me!

I think you get the point: Surrender advances you. I am learning that the only way to move forward in God is to live a life of total DEPENDENCE on Him.

If you are walking around frustrated and discouraged, it’s you because you are working too hard on your own plan. I implore you to surrender whatever is troubling you over to God. He knows the thought and plans He has for you and they are good. Furthermore, His plans will bring you to a glorious and expected end.

Bottomline: He wants it all. So surrender today and move forward in God’s great plan for your life.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Gayle

    So happy to hear that speaking to the SINGLES at our church was a pleasure for you as I know it was for them as well! YES, as the song says, “All to Thee my blessed Saviour…I SURRENDER All!!

    • Yes Gayle, I had a ball! Great group. Yes, I surrender all…even my diet. 🙂 Look forward to sharing the platform with you at Surrender Your Diet. It’s going to be good!!!

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