I Hope You’re Living the Dream

The other day as I entering Andrews Air Force Base the gate attendee said the most provocative phrase. He simple stated, “I hope you’re living the dream.” I smiled and replied, “I am!”

Can you say the same? Are you living the dream?

Not any old dream you conjured up because it sounded good, but the Jeremiah 29:11, I-know-the-plans-I-have-for-you dream. The dream that causes you to state on the regular, “I can’t believe this is my life!” Yeah that one.

This weekend I was certified as a Natural Health Professional after an 8-day intensive training in Indianapolis. Was becoming an expert on natural health ever in my plans? No. My plan was to stay in private practice as a psychologist until I was old and grey. In fact, that seemed like such a good plan, until God started to show me His.

In my formative years of spiritual development God would send people to prophesy to me. I remember one Pastor told me that I would be “an oasis in the desert.” That same year another prophet told me that I would one day “speak to kings and heads of states.” Those phrases stuck with me and I learned soon enough that none of that would come to pass if I continued to cling to my plans. Therefore, in 2010 I surrendered my plans to God in exchange for His greater plan.

What about you? Are you living the dream? You can. All it takes is a full surrender; a willingness to step out on faith and believe that God has better.

Now because I believed, I am certified to educate people on natural ways to nourish their bodies. I can help others prevent disease and leave a legacy of good health to their families!!!

Now if that is not living the dream I don’t know what is.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

Join us for Surrender Your Diet, August 24, 1-4, Bowie, MD. This life-changing session will empower you to make small steps that will dramatically change your health. There is still time to save with Early Bird Registration. For more details click here.

If you aren’t living the dream join us for Cycle 6 of Surrender Fast 2013. God will reveal His perfect plan to you. September 16 – October 25. Be there!

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6 thoughts on “I Hope You’re Living the Dream

  1. Chanelle Chisholm

    I love this blog! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your accomplishment!!

  2. I am very much living my dream. Becoming an Entrepreneur was always a thought BUT now has become a reality. Loving it. Taking control of my health and my temple is next. Your blog was on point. I might actually get to the August 24th event. Filling in my calendar now to ensure I can do it.

    • Charmelle, great to hear from you! Doesn’t “living the dream” feel good? Keep doing His work! I would love to finally meet you in person. I hope you can make the Aug 24th event. Be blessed!

  3. Franklin Davis

    I can say that I am beginning to live the dream. God called me to take a huge step of faith in February of this year. I’m still in awe of what’s happening in my life. I don’t know yet where I’m going but I’m excited about it. I know that some thing wonderful awaits me if I hold on. Be blessed Dr. Owens.

    • Yes Frank something wonderful awaits! It’s funny yesterday, as it dawned on me all that God is doing in my life, I almost panicked. A part of me wanted to go back “home” to ordinary. LOL. But a greater part of me is willing to press to see what the extraordinary end will be. I am sure you feel the same way. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Be blessed Frank.

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