The Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea

Hello Surrender Fast Family,
So you’re walking around in your yard and spot a dandelion. What’s your gut reaction? Go and get some Weed-B-Gone and spray the life out of that little creeper?

Before you take off running for the sprayer…STOP!!! Contrary to popular belief there are numerous health benefits of this overlooked flower.

Read what Susan Kaye, from writes:

Digestive Benefits
The dandelion aids digestion, stimulating the production of digestive juices starting in the mouth.

Liver Benefits
Drinking dandelion tea aids the liver in its production of bile and reduces inflammation, jaundice, hepatitis and gall bladder disease, according to Columbia University.

Effects on Sugar
Dandelion has been shown to have an effect on blood sugar levels, acting as a stabilizing agent, buffering against extreme highs and lows. Drinking dandelion tea three times a day is helpful for diabetes to manage their disease, according to Ohio University.

Reduction Of Kidney Stones
Dandelion is high in oxalates and the tea may be consumed at the same times as high-calcium foods, which bind in the intestine, creating protection for the kidneys.

Weight Loss
The leaves of the dandelion plant have a diuretic action on the body, and can be consumed as a tea to help bring on weight loss, as well as reduce excess fluids in the body.

Cancer-Fighting Properties
Antibodies to cancer have been found in the body as a result of consuming dandelion in all forms, including the tea, reports Columbia University.

Learn More:

You can purchase Dandelion tea at any of your local grocery store.

Here’s to your health!

Stephanie Davis, CNHP
Certified Natural Health Professional
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Celeste Owens

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