Calling all Connector Group Leaders!

What is a Connector Group Leader?

A Connector Group Leader is an individual who invites others to fast with him/her. This simple, yet powerful gesture is a wildly effective way to help others draw closer to God.

Last cycle 34 of you signed up to be Connector Group Leaders. Some of you asked family and friends, while others fasted with co-workers, deacons boards, and ministry teams. It doesn’t matter the group, whoever God is calling you to, JUST DO IT!

I’ve been meditating on the following scripture for the last week or so.

When the Lord brought back the captive ones of Zion,
We were like those who dream. (Ps. 126)

This scripture is a psalm of praise for God had returned His chosen ones to their homeland and when the captives returned the children of Israel experienced revived hope and a new beginning. Do you know anyone who could benefit from some hope? Do you know who’s a prisoner of his/her own wrong thoughts and beliefs? Well there is hope and it comes from God. He has a plan to deliver him/her through prayer and fasting.

I hear you, no one is going to want to fast with me. Well you don’t know until you try. If you are willing, God will use you as His ambassador. I am a witness, while you are taking care of God’s business, He is taking care of yours. Sign up to be a Connector Group Leader.

One last thing. I am a Connector Group Leader this cycle too. I, along with members from the Prayer Team, will be going to Jessup Women’s Prison to introduce the Surrender Fast to 25 women. We are excited for what God will do for them!

We look forward to experiencing all of God’s goodness and favor with you during our 40 days of prayer and fasting.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

Sign up for Cycle 6 (Sept 16-Oct. 25): Theme: Filled to the FULL: The Keys for Living a PowerFULL, GraceFULL, and FavorFull Life.

Attend “Surrender Your Diet”, August 24, 1-4, Bowie, MD. REGISTER HERE


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