Are You a Promise Keeper?

Hello Surrender Fasters, you’ve made it to Week 3 of Cycle 6. What an accomplishment.

Don’t turn back, you’ve come too far and your best is yet to come. So keep on surrendering!

On the Morning Prayer Calls we’ve been learning that the key to being filled to the full with God is to first be emptied: of pride (Week 1) , anxiety about trials (Week 2), and broken promises (Week 3).

Have you made any promises to God that you haven’t kept? Well now is the time to CONFESS, REPENT, and DECIDE to keep, from now on, the promises you make to Him. Your destiny depends on it!

Is God expecting perfection? No. You will mess up. However, be mindful of your words. The Bible tells us that it’s better to not make a vow than to make it and break it (Eccl. 5:5). Therefore, be careful with your words and vow only that you plan to keep.

Remember Sampson? He was a Nazarite (the word itself implies separation). For that reason Sampson was called from birth to be set aside for God’s work and to follow certain Nazarite practices which included him not cutting his hair.

Sampson was a great man, but not immune to temptation. In a moment of weakness he told Delilah (his girlfriend) the secret to his supernatural strength and the rest is history. Sampson never lived up to his full potential.

We learn from Sampson that keeping a promise requires obedience and consistency. We’re going to cover those two concepts on the Morning Prayer Call this week. So don’t miss it!

Dial-in number: 530-881-1300
Access code: 275281#

Lastly, this week you may learn the reason you aren’t FILLED with God’s power, favor, and grace is because you are FULL of unkept promises. It’s time you be emptied of those.

You were born for greatness and have been set apart for a specific purpose. Chose this day to keep your promises towards God so that His plan can be fulfilled in your life.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste


If you’ve missed the Morning Prayer Calls CLICK HERE to listen to the recordings.

Are you challenged in your relationships with others? We are taking your questions for the “Ask Karen” segment of the Weekly Wrap-up Show. Karen Ward is a certified personality trainer. Every Friday she will answer your personality-related question. Submit your question to

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