The Fearless Way

love vs fear

On Friday, Pastor Donald Chisholm (Latter Rain Cathedral, Lockport, NY) shared these words on the Weekly Wrap-up Show:

“Jesus had no fear. Suppose you had no fear? When you heard God you responded right away because you would have no fear of what someone would do or say. The power of God could flow through you uninterrupted. Fear interrupts the power of God in your life.”

Wow, those words stuck with me as I developed the teaching for this week.

Suppose you had no fear? How could God use you for His greater plan?

As I shared today on the Morning Prayer Call you can live fearlessly. The word declares in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

So if the spirit of fear is not from God it must originate from other sources: self and/or the enemy.

What God gives is love. In fact, God is love. I John 4:8 (NIV) reminds us that “whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

Therefore, when we are full of God, we are full of love and can flow in the power of God uninterrupted!

Even if you’re scared, “Do it afraid” (Joyce Meyer). When you do it afraid you chose to take the fearless way and your courage subsequently ELIMINATES FEAR from the equation. Remember, the spirit of fear can only consume you when you give in. But when you step out in faith you give yourself permission to live fearlessly. And oh the places you will go!!!

Join us this week for more on how embracing God’s love allows us to live fearlessly.

Morning Prayer Call
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Access code: 275281#

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste


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8 thoughts on “The Fearless Way

  1. Terry Lighty

    Thank you for this encouraging word – I am truly blessed by the devotion. God has been dealing with re an issue and fear plays a role. Continue pray that I step out on faith and launch into the deep, where only God can carry me through.   Be Blessed!

    Warm regards,

    Terry Lighty


  2. Krisann

    Wow Dr. Celeste, God is Almighty!!! I remember who I used to be, and I am so, very much happy where I am today with Christ; my cup runneth over with His joy! I thank God for you all!

    When surrendering each day, I receive a blessing-revelation from God; whether big or small, or that day or before or after, and I think about sharing; but I do not take the TIME to do so. God has revealed to me today on how to share my testimony daily (that way, when I do share, I don’t write a a 10-page book…lol). (Dr. Celeste, I’ll have to share one day with you about my “literal” gift with words.)

    I’ve struggled with TIME one way or another for many of the years I’ve been on this earth; but NO MORE. Today, God has helped me realize more of me again! Everyday, I want to share my daily testimonies, but I think (believing the enemy) that I don’t have time. God told me again today, “My thoughts are not your thoughts,” and he said that I should BE PREPARED by writing when I read, and that as I listen to each morning’s address that I should type my testimony during that time. How we spend out time is all about preparation, duh! LOL…Oh, what a relief today!

    God is pushing me to excellence with my success! I’m going to the center of the stage today, in front of God to “act” like I am about to move; because as an actress, I realize that I am not performing for me; AND if I want to keep the part, I MUST give it all that I have, I MUST do it afraid–otherwise I won’t get paid and the perpetual circle begins. I’m not going back; I’m going STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!!! I’m just saying…lol. God is GOOD!

    Thank you Dr. Celeste for all you and your family do. You know the Surrenders are lifetime, right?

    Have an enjoyable day, and receive joyfully ALL that God gives!

    Peace and Love,

    • Thanks Krisann! I always love to hear from you even if it is 10 pages, LOL! You are right, there is no turning back; get front and center and act like we are moving!!!

      On another note, what will you do with your daily testimonies? Will you write a blog or something like that?

  3. Krisann

    Good afternoon Dr. Celeste…I think I will write a blog. I’d like to Twitter. I have an account, but not sure what to do. I heard you the other day use #surrenderfast. Am I suppose to write my comment, then #surrenderfast, or to whoever I want to tweet with? I’m getting ready to listen to your mom from Friday’s Weekly Wrap-Up; so I’ll blog as I listen until I learn Twitter–I’d like to bless someone while on the call as well.

    Thank you Dr. Celeste, and I look forward to hearing about your weekend on the air.

    Peace and Love,

    • You got it, #surrenderfast after each comment. I was able to find one of your Twitter comments this morning because you used that hashtag. I had an awesome weekend! I look forward to sharing more on grace and favor this week.

  4. Krisann

    Greetings, and thank you Dr. Celeste. I will tweet during a call to learn more how to use Twitter. I’m glad you had an awesome weekend.

    Since Friday’s wrap-up was not there, I went to Surrender Cycle 5’s Day 33…lol…God showed up as usual. I started to write at testimony@surrenderfast, and during the inspiration for Cycle 5, your dad said that we must be consistent with the things of God. Right then God reminded me of my journal…lol. So, in answer to your previous question: What will I do with my daily testimonies? God told me last month to write them in my personal daily journal; so I’d better do things His way, and not mine. I will write occasional testimonies on the Blog and/or tweets. Journaling daily is important for my spiritual growth–it will also help with time management and priorities..

    Day 33 from Cycle 5 also talked about having our priorities straight; and that we can overcome our weaknesses. Your dad also mentioned that we must be consistent with what is positive; and that confidence is built by being consistent. There was also a caller who talked about setting schedules for everything from waking up, to napping, laundry, going to bed, etc. Wow, Day 33, Cycle 5 was a blessing.

    I did listen today to Friday’s wrap-up, and your parents did well. Ms. Karen did read my question, and she answered it thoroughly–I knew what I was thinking when I wrote the question, but ONLY I KNEW …lol, and it left many questions open that Ms. Karen was able to answer for the surrender fasters–she was great! By the way, I am Sanguine first…I do talk too much…lol…even in writing, but I’m expecting God to use me and my voice/writing to help others.

    I listened to Pastor Carpenter today, WOW…more blessings–2 Corn 4…lol. All I can do is laugh today. Too amazing…lol. “Getting those props away from me.”

    Thanks again for reading.

    Peace and Love,

    • Wow Krisann, you mean business. Two wrap-up calls and Pastor Carpenter?! You are definitely on a mission to fulfill God’s plan. I am glad you have some clarification on how to record your thoughts/testimonies. I believe God will use those for something…only time will tell. Thanks for the updates!

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