Welcome to Day 1 of Cycle 7!

Welcome to Cycle 7 of Surrender Fast 2014! Today marks the first day of our 40 days of surrender.

I am excited for what God is doing now and will do for you in the days to come. Expect Him everyday: look for Him around every corner, hear Him speak out of the mouth of babes and strangers,  believe that He wants to do something new in you!

Our theme this cycle is: “You Were Born for This.” It is my prayer that you believe that with all your heart before the end of 40 days.

Jeremiah wrote:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” (1:5)

God has called and ordained you for THIS! Believe that.

On another note, the Surrender Fasters are a diverse group. We are represented by 31 states (AL, CT, DC, FL,  GA, IL, IN, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OK, PA, TX, VA, HI, CA, TN, NV, AZ, OH, DE, MS, AR, SC),  Cameroon, Bangkok and Kenya. It’s official, the Surrender Takeover has begun!

Our entire family is surrendered this cycle. Personally, I am surrendering my phone and computer in the evenings. The kids are ecstatic. AJ stated that he was going to put a sign on my office door with the words, “Out of order.” It took me a minute to recognize how appropriate that statement really was. I have been out of order for some months in the evening. Reminder: FAMILY FIRST.

What about you? What are you surrendering this Cycle? Please comment below.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

A few Instructions to enhance your fasting experience:

1. Join us for Morning Prayer. Or listen to the Recordings.

2. Follow this blog.

3. First time fasters should read The 40-Day Surrender Fast. There is a devotional chapter for each weekday. This will help you get the most from your fasting experience.

4. Surrender 1 maybe 2 things for 40 days (unless otherwise instructed by God). Surrendering too much at one time will overwhelm you.

5. Join us for the Weekly Wrap-up Show featuring the Inspirational Moment by Pastor Donald Chisholm (The Latter Rain Cathedral, Lockport, NY). This call is every Friday at 12noon (EST).

Questions? Email Stephanie at admin@surrenderfast.com

Cycle 7 Flyer connector groups

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 1 of Cycle 7!

  1. Amira Scott

    This is awesome! I have to switch things up a bit this cycle. My mornings are a bit different so I’ll have to catch the recordings in the evenings. Either way, I’m still connected.

  2. Cherise

    I signed up yesterday for the surrender fast and after I did, I prayed throughout the day, “God what should I surrender?”
    Let me tell you that I am SUPER EXCITED about this fast! Last night/ this morning at around 12:30am I was lead to listen to one of the recorded calls about speaking things that are not as though they are! Something sparked within in and as I laid in my bed I started to declare things over my life. This morning God reminded me that I have not because I have not asked. So now I am challenged to ask someone for something that is CRAZY! When I say crazy! I mean outlandish! I don’t want to share it just yet but I will tell my “faith-sister” who I know will stand and agree with me. My 40 days start today and one of the things I’m surrendering is DOUBT! I’m done doubting! I’m going to live in expectation! I expect the great! And I shall have what I decree! Pray for me.

    • Cherise, you know God lead you to this season of fasting for this moment!!! You shall have what you decree because it’s a God-breathed, God-ordained vision. I can’t wait to hear the praise report!!!

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