Week 4: It’s “Ideal” that You Keep it “Real”

These days everyone says they are about “keeping it real”, but truth be told so many are living a lie.

This week as we focus on the real self vs. the ideal self on Cycle 7 ask yourself this question: “Am I being who I really am or am I being who I think I should be?”

Psychologist Carl Rogers theorized that there is an Actual Self (who you really are) and an Ideal Self (who you think you should be).

Unfortunately, most of us live our lives based on who we think we should be. But true living only occurs when we live authentically. Indeed, your best life begins where you end!

So here’s are some steps for surrendering your ideal self:

  1. Knowing that what you do, is not who you are.Your roles change, but who you are at  your core does not. Therefore, the real you isn’t caught up in titles, and assignments, the real you just wants to do God’s will.
  2. Being the real you requires humility.You may have some good plans in your heart and may even start to act on them, but when God says “no” the real self, in obedience, surrenders his plans for that of God’s. The only way to truly live is to die to self! And that, my friend, requires humility.

Stay tuned this week as we discuss more of this topic on the Morning Prayer Call — 7am (EST) — M-Th. Or listen to the recordings.

Dial-in number: 530-881-1300
Access code: 275281#

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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