7 Tips for Detoxing Success

Are you ready to embark on one of the most worthwhile experiences of 2014?

This period of detoxification will not only benefit your natural body but also your mind and spirit. Indeed it is impossible to effect one area of your being without affecting the other areas because the 3 are inseparable.

Tomorrow we start Day 1 of the Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Cleanse. Don’t forget to get all of your supplies today. Thankfully they can all be found at your local grocery. Print a copy of this sheet to bring to the grocery store.

Dr. Oz 3DayDetox

7 Detox Tips to live by:

1. Complete your shopping list before you start. Preparation is key to decreasing sabotage.

2. You will need a blender. Any blender is fine.

3. Don’t skip a meal.

4. The Lunch time drink will probably be the most challenging one to drink. I recommend you peel the apple, cucumber and lime…maybe even add a little more pineapple but don’t delete any of the ingredients (they all have a purpose).

5. If you get hungry, drink purified water (avoid tap water).

6. Take a multivitamin and other recommended supplements.

7. Pray for strength to succeed. Join us for Morning Prayer, 7am (EST), M-Th.

Dial in number: 530-881-1300
Access code: 275281

And no matter what: DON’T GIVE UP!!!

The momentary sacrifice will be worth it! God is watching and looking to reward those who DILIGENTLY seek Him.

Please reply below with questions/comments.

Talk to you tomorrow morning,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. If you are on Facebook please join the Surrender Your Diet Mastermind Group by CLICKING HERE.

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