61 Days of Fasting – Ending Week 2

As we close our 2nd week of fasting let’s reflect on what God has done. Has He shown up for you in a major way? Are you more aware of more Him throughout the day? What aha moments have you experienced?

For me, the number 7 (completion) keeps appearing. I spoke at a retreat last weekend and the hotel room assigned to me was on the 7th floor. Today as I am listening to the Daily Audio Bible, Brian read how it took Solomon 7 years to build the temple. Then he goes on to read from Acts 7 and Psalm 127!!! Wow, God!

So how is He showing up in your life?

Facebook Interchange:

Tabatha: Good Morning Celeste Chisholm Owens and everyone doing the fast. The Lord dropped the word Preparation in my spirit and lead me to read Genesis 41:14. “Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him quickly out of the dungeon; and he shaved, changed his clothing, and came to Pharaoh”. In my study bible is said that Joseph was prepared not because he knew this was going to happen but because of his knowledge of God. Having a intimate relationship with God and spending time with him daily keeps us prepared for everything that happens in our lives.

Gwen: I always want to comment about how I am doing on the fast but seems like nothing new is happening.

Tabatha: Gwendolyn Goggins-Jackson something new is always happening. Little things are changing everyday. God is showing us new things everyday regardless of how small. Chase after God like you chase after God like you never have before. Rise early and seek him. God is going to do a new thing. Expect it. Ask Celeste Chisholm Owens Won’t he do it!! I hear Celeste Chisholm Owens voice sometimes when I’m not sure saying “Wont he do it” Her life is an example of Yes he will.

Celeste: Yes Tabathabeautifulme Burley He will do it! Gwendolyn Goggins-Jackson right from the start God declared “Let Me Do a New Thing.” Today I want you to pray to the Lord and let tell Him know that you are ready to receive the HIS NEW THING. Perhaps He’s just waiting for an invitation…Then let us know how this works out. We can’t wait to hear the praise report!!!

Gwen: Thought I had deleted my comment because it wasn’t finished. Still trying to find my purpose before my time is up, then I read about all the celebrities whose careers took off. over the age of sixty which gave me hope that I am still here for His purpose. The best is yet to come!!! Listening to His voice!!! Thank you Tabathabeautifulme Burley.

Debra: God released in my spirit the name of another book and confirmed through an Elder something that only God and I had talked about. God knows the desires of our hearts and will confirm them to let us know that He has heard what we have prayed in our heart to let us know that He has heard our desires. What an experience to know that we have a God who loves us enough to answer us personally and to let us know He hears us. Having that personal, consistent, intimate time with Him is the key to hearing God’s voice.

Shauntia: Commitment is what has resonated in my spirit the past few days. This weekend I came so close to giving into the very thing I surrendered but then I felt so convicted in my heart. At that the moment the scripture Mark 25:21 came into my mind “thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many”. Once I spoke those words it was as if a sense of peace and strength came over me. Not sure what it all means for me now and why that particular scripture; but I’m wise enough to not lean on my own understanding, so I’m just trusting God.




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