Breathing 101: The Benefits and the How-To of Deep Breathing


BreatheDeeply…inhale through your nose counting 1…2…3…4…5, and exhale though your mouth counting 5…4…3…2…1, pause for 3 seconds, and begin again.

Psst! If only your chest puffed up, you need some Breathing 101.

Here’s how Merriam-Webster defines breathe: to move air into and out of your lungs: to inhale and exhale through your mouth or nose.

How do you start your day?

Perhaps you start by thanking God for a new day, do a little reading while Oil Pulling (wink, wink). Do you include breathing as part of your routine? Not the shallow breathing that most people do all day, but that Intentional, Purposeful, Focused breathing that is necessary; the kind of breathing that goes to the abdominal region and wakes you from the inside out.

Deep breathing is as important to your health as exercising and eating right. It can release stress and provide other noticeable health benefits. (For a full listing of benefits visit One Powerful

The Benefits:

  • Breathing Detoxifies and Releases Toxins: Your body is designed to release 70% of the toxins through breathing. If you’re not breathing properly, you’re not ridding your body of toxins, which means that the other systems in your body must work harder which could lead to illness.
  • Breathing Releases Tension: When your body feels tense, then your breathing becomes shallow, and when your breathing becomes shallow you’re unable to get the amount of oxygen that your body needs.
  • Breathing Relaxes the Mind/Body and Brings Clarity: Paying attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly, deeply and purposefully into your body. Notice any places that are tight and breathe into them. As you relax your body, you may find that the breathing brings clarity and insights to you as well.
  • Breathing Relieves Emotional Problems: Breathing will help clear uneasy feelings out of your body.
  • Breathing Relieves Pain: What happens to your breathing when you anticipate pain? You probably hold your breath. Yet studies show that breathing into your pain eases it.

How to Breathe Properly (The Technique):

In order to breathe properly you need to breathe deeply into your abdomen not just your chest. Sit in a comfortable position with your hands placed on your knees and your shoulders relaxed. Inhale through your nose counting to 5 and Exhale through your mouth counting from 5.

How often should I perform this Exercise?

Most research shows once or twice daily in two 10 minute segments. You can also build to the 10 minute segments by starting off at 5 minutes per day or twice a day. (Some say, to get started, simply take a deep breath every time you look at the clock.)

I don’t think I can stay focused that long?

I would recommend listening to something soothing while breathing to keep you focused. There’s a lot of relaxing nature music on YouTube to choose from. Make it your own personal devotional session.

So many people are stressed, depressed, and just not feeling themselves. All they need to do is breathe…it’s good for the body, it’s needed and it’s free!

Here’s To Your Health!

Stephanie B. Davis
Certified Natural Health Professional

**Disclaimer: Please pray and ask God for direction and always consult a doctor before starting any new regimen.**

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