The Pre-Fast Preparation has Begun — Cycle 8: New Beginnings

I am excited to announce that we are officially in Pre-Fast mode in Surrender Land!

Cycle 8 of Surrender Fast 2014 starts Monday, September 15 however, this week is dedicated to seeking God and His will during the next 40 days; specifically what you are to surrender.

This time around I’m surrendering processed food. I’ve known that for weeks and I’ve needed that much time to get my mind around the challenges of being processed-free in a land full of this type of food.

For this fast, processed-free means consuming only foods I make or foods that contain no more than 5 ingredients. I just looked at the back of my almond milk–6 ingredients. I guess I will be making almond milk for the next 40 days and maybe beyond.

As I’ve learned and you will too the Surrender Fast is not just about what you surrender. As you grow closer to God, He will begin to reveal himself and encourage you grow in ways you hadn’t consider.

Get ready, get ready, get ready.

If you aren’t on board yet, you can be. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER You can also purchase a copy of The 40-Day Surrender Fast there as well as the Journal.

Welcome abroad!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. What are you surrendering? It might take you to Friday to get the answer but if you feel comfortable sharing, please do so below.

P.S.S. Join me tonight for “Surrender to the Call” a Fre Tele Class preparing you for the Cycle 8 time of fasting. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Charlene Day

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4 thoughts on “The Pre-Fast Preparation has Begun — Cycle 8: New Beginnings

  1. Ursula Smith

    I am unable to register for the tele class tonight. 

    Sent on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5

  2. Hello Dr. Celeste, I have registered to be a part of Chereace Richards’ Connector Group. As you know, I already have your book (and have seen Manuela’s copy in Spanish!) Do I need to do anything further?

    Blessings! Gayle

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